Is It Time To Hibernate?

I have been slacking off and have not written anything in a few days. With the long cold winter days pounding on my golf psyche, I find it hard to be be motivated enough to write something profound (or anything at all actually). It happens every year around this time until after 21 December. Yup, that date is important and I will explain later….see if you can figure out why.

December is always a tough time because the grip of winter starts to tighten. It is relentless and continues to pound us until February or March. However, its effects are the worst at this time of year. In 5 days, a corner is turned I embrace what Mother Nature has to offer! Additionally, I start looking forward to spring and my hope for an awesome golf season is renewed.

The days are short and nights long. It gets colder as the night creeps in, but there is an anticipation that tomorrow will be a warmer day (although it only happens once in a while.

However, in 5 days, it will not matter and my positive view on winter will take over and life will begin to bloom. Here is what my backyard looks like today.

Only a foot of snow. Time to start snowshoeing.

So, why is December 21 first so important, well ….. in the Northern Hemisphere the day of the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year (the day with the least daylight and the longest night) and occurs every year between December 20 and December 23. And this year it is happening on Saturday at 10:19 pm EST. After that, the days get longer by a whooping 2 to 4 minutes a day! Yup, I better break out the sunscreen.

Well, have no fear, I am not completely unplugged from golf. I followed the results of the Presidents Cup, congrats to the US team. I enter many Christmas contests for golf giveaways. And I am working on my golf swing. albeit not very diligently. Regardless, all is good and I am starting to embrace the change in weather.

I hope your winter or summer (for those down under) is going well and that you are not hibernating. I know I am a bit, but that will change very soon.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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