Shooting Your Lowest Golf Score

This is the goal of every round of golf – shooting my lowest score. It is a challenge some days because many of us change our focus when we start to realize that our lowest score is within our grasp. For some reason we change our thoughts and thus our game changes. For me, I try to focus on one thing – course management to stay within the zone. It seems, however, that I am in the minority.

After asking the question, I realize that only a third of you agree with my approach. Here is what you said:

I realize with this question, there is a chance to have other answers, but that is a limitation of Twitter. I try to start the conversation by listening to what you have to say.

My lowest score last year was a even par 71. I shot it twice and had a chance to break par both times. During these rounds I was in the course management zone. My shot select (and execution) was almost perfect. During each round I made one poor choice and it only cost me one stroke. I made it up on other shots and as such resulted in even par.

Course management is king for my game. I am not the longest hitter, but I am fairly straight and keep the ball in play. Thus, placing the ball in the right spot at the right distance helps me score well. I will adjust my approach as the round unfolds because staying rigid by focusing on only one approach is a recipe for disaster. To accomplish this, I stay in tune to my course management approach.

An interesting thing about my approach to my game is that my course management strategy will change on any given day depending on the course conditions, weather, how my swing is, and so on. There is really no limitations to my course management strategy because I stay focused on being flexible.

To keep the conversation going, what was your lowest score in 2019 and what strategy did you use to achieve it?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Shooting Your Lowest Golf Score

  1. I shot 1 under twice this year. My strategy is focus on the shot at hand. Course management of course comes into play. I try always to stay within my own game capabilities, and I club up rather than swing harder as a rule.

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