Waiting Out The Storm

Today, I am waiting for a severe winter storm to pass. It will take all day and we are prepared for what Mother Nature has in store. At this time, we are experiencing just below zero (25 degrees F) temperatures, high winds, and rain. The rain is the worst part because it generally causes power outages. This, of course, is the worst in the colder temperatures, but have no fear we are prepared.

Yesterday, I checked all the things we will need to weather the storm. The generator was tested and ready to hook to the house, we have water in the tub, we have drinking water in jugs, and our emergency supplies are prepared. This might seem like allot, but experience tells us that the more prepared we are, the better. Believe it or not, our current state of preparedness is based on years of experience and changes to our plan over the past few storms where we lost power.

So, all of this to say is that the more prepared we are, the easier the tough times will be. This is a perfect analogy for our golf game. The more we prepare, the easier it is to weather a poor round(s) of golf. Yup, it is that simple.

The more I prepare for the challenges in my golf game, the easier it is to overcome them. That is why I take so much time to practice my short game and approach shots. If I am going face any major challenges, then these are the areas. So, I practice them the most.

Weathering a golf storm by hitting the range.

Right now, many of you are say – “Of course, you are being overly obvious, Jim!” Well, I would suggest that many golfers know this tenant, but few actually embrace it. Their practice time consists of hitting drivers and long irons at the range with a minute or two on putting. If they chip at all, it is because they have a few extra minutes before their tee time. I am not being cynical because I watch this all the time at the golf course.

Moving forward, if you want to weather your golfing storm; you need to prepare in advance. I recommend the further in advance the better. It will help reduce your frustration and get you back to great golf faster!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Waiting Out The Storm

  1. We have a few ranges in town but my favorite rsnge is a great facility for practicing my game. There are no mats to hit off of to start with. But the best part is there are two greens off to the side. One for putting as usual, and one for chipping that has two big deep sand traps. You can practice shots up to about 50 yards out, and of course practice your sand game all day with one small bucket of balls. In fact, I forgot my wallet once and could still practice because of the balls left around the green. I’ll be heading there for a dsy the second I decide my wrist is really ready. On that score it’s better, but still causing pain with some movements. Forward and backward seems fine but side to side is still causing some sharp pains,at the extremes.

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