Building a Golf Routine For 2020

Well it is time to start my winter golf routine in earnest. I have dabbled with training and now it is time to step up my game. January is always a tough time in up north, due to the cold weather and lack of motivation. However, those excuses are gone and spring is less than 50 days away… getting off my butt is the new normal. 😁

I know I have mentioned this before, but now I have set some specific, achievable goals to prepare me for opening day! They are simple and something that I think most of you will see the value of moving in this direction:

  • First, I plan to stretch 5 times a week for at least 15 minutes.
  • Second, I will do some sort of aerobic exercise for 30 minutes 5 times a week.
  • Thirdly, I will use my orange whip and orange peel 5 times a week for 50 swings.
  • Lastly, I will use my driving net 5 times a week hitting 100 balls per session.

Fortunately, I have the time for this program and it will have other health benefits as well. My golf game is connected to my strong mental and physical health, so it is time to step up my efforts and move the yardsticks forward.

In addition to my specific golf goals, I plan to snowshoe and do other outdoor winter activities. These are just fun things that are all part of having an active healthy life. My thoughts are that life is meant to be lived and doing things (even simple things) is important to living.

I realize that most of what I mentioned before is old news, however the difference now is that I am going to track my training times. I want to see if I can actually meet my goals and also see if I notice any tangible improvement to my golf swing. If I am not going to walk the walk, then I can not talk the talk!

Do you make training schedules to keep you on track or prepare you for the first day of the 2020 golf season?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Building a Golf Routine For 2020

  1. Jim,

    This sounds like an awesome plan to take care of your health heading into golf season! I’ve been trying to work on my fitness and flexibility. Haven’t started hitting balls yet, but with a trip to Palm Springs in March, I’m going to start easing into that as well. Here’s hoping for an early start to the season!



  2. Jim, outstanding! And very ambitious! With that many swings, and physical activity, you will be ready to play football for Alabama much less hit the links in April. Make sure you stay safe with all that activity.

    Good luck!


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