Do Old Golf Habits Make Sense or Hurt Your Golf Game

I read many quotes, stories, reports and articles over the past bunch of years. I continue to learn and try to absorb the knowledge of others and yet I feel that I still have a huge whole in what I want to know about golf! It seems that the more I read, the more realize I do not know. Do you ever feel that way?

Of all the things I read, I seem to keep thinking of one quote from an unknown author. Here is what is bouncing around in my six inches of real estate between my ears:

Over the years, I have changed many aspects of my golf game. I continue on this journey and yet there is one part of my game I seem to refuse to change. I am not sure if it is because I have not found anything that offers the same success or that I am in a rut from which I cannot extricate myself.

I has to do with my putting. I putt virtually the same way now as I did 30 years ago. My current pre-shot routine, alignment, reading the greens, and putting stroke has not change. I often think that I need to make a change, but nothing I have tried provides the same confidence as what I do now. I hate to think that my putting game has peaked and plateaued…..30 years ago. I mean, there must be something I have not tried that will improve my game on the green.

Maybe the quote is trying to tell me that I am clinging to what is comfortable and not really being adventurous enough to try something new. It took me many years to find it and 30 years to hone it, so why change? Am I clinging to old habits? This is something that I continue to think about and will continue to do so. However, until I can find something better, my old habits seem to be working.

Do you hold tightly to old habits that may not be working?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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