Falling into the Golf Trap

For those who have accidentally clicked your way to The Grateful Golfer; I offer this word of warning – golf is a trap that once ensnared you may be stuck for life! Golf is a seductive game that offers great rewards and equally large pits of frustration! So, be careful if you think that you have the temerity to read on!

The reality of any sport is that it offers something akin to a treat to a puppy! Once you get a taste of success, then the only thing the sport does is leave you wanting for more. I find that golf is that on steroids! Just ask any player what drives them to play. I bet they will tell you it is rooted in the one shot, usually on the 18th hole, that keeps you wanting to come back for more!

Dressing for the elements!

Golf is a contact sport. You will, if willing, meet a plethora of characters that will enrich your three foot space. I know I am blessed and grateful to encountered so many fantastic people during my golf journey. It is an absolute bonus to meet new players and expand my circle of golfing contacts.

The elation of making that perfect shot is almost indescribable. I have made many over the years and I still remember each one it absolute clarity! I know this seems goofy, but it is true. It can be compared to scoring the winning goal or completely the next level in your crazy hard video game. It is the elation of success that will drive your desire to want to play more!

I am sure you have noticed, up to now, that I have left out the frustration aspect of golf. Like any sport has it challenges. Golf, well, seems to have those in spades. Whether it is learning how to consistently hit the ball or lower your handicap; golf, the seductive beast that it is, will not allow you to gain success easily. It will spar with you every step of the way.

I am quite sure I have not covered all the aspects of what makes golf a great sport. It is actually yours to discover if you have the temerity to step up to the first tee. I know I am glad I did and after 45 years of playing, I can hardly wait to step up the first tee in 2020.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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