Does Your Opinion On Golf Actually Count?

I often wonder if my opinion on golf related issues is worth ink used to print it (old school analogy). I read a great deal of articles and advertisements relating to new golf equipment, rule changes, and the comings and goings of professional golfers. Through all of this, I try to keep an open mind and stay in my lane. Sometimes, I feel that one voice in the social media expanse has zero to no impact on the golf industry. And yet, I keep writing and talking about the sport I love to play.

Mike Johnny, from 36aday golf blog, and me at the Toronto Golf Show. I enjoy hearing Mike’s point of view and debating all things golf.

Over the years, I have offered reviews on equipment, books, golf courses, and rule interpretation / changes. These articles are part of writing a golf blog and I enjoy offering my opinion. For the most part, I keep it very upbeat and choose to look at the positives of the things I review. However, I really wonder if my musing actually make any impact on the point of view of others.

Another aspect of offering a golf opinion is that we writers better have a thick skin. I am very fortunate that over the years that 98% of the feedback received was positive. It was not always in tuned to what I think, but I enjoy a positive discussion regardless if the person agrees with me or not. This aligns with what I am trying to achieve and I embrace the interaction. Yet again, I wonder if the approach has any affect in the golfing world.

I will never really know the answer to this question and in the big scheme of things it really does not matter. Writing a golf blog, or any blog, with no intent of monetizing it (at this time at least) affords me the opportunity to shine a light in the dark reaches of the golfing world. I realize that my opinion has limited value to the golf industry due to my lack of knowledge (which I am expanding every day), but I believe that if I remain positive and try to improve my 3 foot space daily, then I might make a small difference in the golfing world. I know this is pie in the sky thinking, but hey why not dream big.

As far as The Grateful Golfer blog, your opinion counts. I enjoy reading your responses and as long as it is respectful, it will be entertained. We do not always have to agree and sometimes that is the best way to really understand some golf related topics. Friendly debate provides great entertainment and expands our knowledge; how can that really be a bad thing.

I hope everyone has an awesome day!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Does Your Opinion On Golf Actually Count?

  1. Jim, I would disagree if you think your opinion doesn’t matter because of your “lack of knowledge”. What are you talking about? You are very knowledgeable on many things in the industry. Maybe I read that wrong.
    But, you nailed it with the social media thing. The issue is that there are so many different opinions from so many sources. When that happens, the value of each individual opinion gets diminished. Can’t change that, so don’t worry about it. I would urge you to keep writing, but for the right reasons. Don’t lose sight of why ou started your blog, and if it still satisfies that need, keep it up.
    I am grateful for your frequent contributions to the dialog!


    • Brian,

      I actually reread my article and see how I could have mislead the readers. I was trying to be a bit dramatic to engage readers. I guess I over did it. Sorey if I mislead you.

      In the big scheme of things I feel I am fairly knowledgeable, but still have lots to learn. Thanks for reminding me that I write for a reason and just so you know, I have not lost focus.

      Cheers Jim

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  2. Jim, your opinion matters to me. It makes golf more enjoyable so in that regard, you are accomplishing your goal. Keep up the great work which we, as readers, are grateful for.

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