Do You Follow The Golf News?

There is always something ‘golf focused’ to read regardless of its value. I realize that the news media, public relations, and players themselves try to generate interest on a plethora of topics. Personally, I find most of the information provided to be white noise because I am not interested in the daily happenings of the golf world that does add to my daily life. I realize this might seem harsh, but over the years I found that getting caught up in the minutia detracts from things that are actually important to my golf game.

What are you writing about today?

I guess the things I am least interested in the daily reporting of the personal lives of professional golfers. Over the past few years, the news focused on the top players that reported on the challenges they face off the course is just white noise to me. And I am not interested in the drama that follows on social media regarding the personal life of professional golfers.

However, I make exceptions for topics like Jarrod Lyle’s, Australian golfer, valiant battle (that he lost) against cancer provides inspiration and is something that I did follow. But, his story is only one of the very few personal stories that garnered in interest for me.

I do like to read about the exploits of players on the course. Maybe I can relate better to this topic and as such focus on these daily articles. I like to discuss the rules and how they are interpreted. I like to read about great play by underdogs. Additionally, I like to follow some of my favorite players on the links. I also like to read about how golf is played from the view of fellow golfers or how the powers to be in golf are trying improve the game. This type of news I find very interesting.

I am not interested in public relations articles or the constant barrage of stories by manufacturers who have developed the ‘innovative’ club of the year. This is very boring and I rarely focus my time on what they have to say. Unless, I am looking for a specific club or set of clubs, I do not ever open these articles.

Part of the challenge for anyone writing or reading the news is that it is repetitive. Once a specific topic gains traction, every news outlet starts to report on the ‘situation’. Generally, this topic starts from one article and is the basis for the growth of information on the topic. Once many of the major outlets pick up the story the topic goes ‘viral’. However, this type of news coverage is called ‘circular reporting’. Since there is only one source, the ongoing reporting has to be taken with a grain of salt. Circular reporting is the off-spring of having to be the first to report a topic before it is buried in a avalanche of similar stories!

Now that I rambled on about what I don’t like; I will tell you what I do enjoy reading: Golf Blogs! Yup, I find most of these sources to be fun to read and great source of information. I am not talking about Golf Blogs that report the news, but ones that discuss a topic from a specific point of view. This is where I find the best value for my time.

I do appreciate the efforts of the major outlets as they try to report what the readers want. I understand that golf is a business and manufacturers are trying to sell their product. I recognize the importance of being the first to report something. I guess the effort to remain relevant in this fast paced world of bits and bytes forces a particular news model. However, I cherish reading an article from a golf blog that delves into the real and practical aspect of golf from an amateurs point of view. Call me crazy, but that is were I find the most value and appreciate the efforts of the writer.

How about you? Do you read the golf news? What are topics that peak your interest?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Do You Follow The Golf News?

  1. I am sure I follow more golf than most people.
    There is actually more golf news available than any of us needs when you consider all TV coverage, magazines, blogs, etc.

    Even thought I play golf year round (luckily I live in a warm enough climate), I usually don’t follow the news much in the winter months. I wait until the PGA tour starts ramping up with more big name

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