Using a Sand Wedge to Chip

I could offer many different options for chipping with a sand wedge. Unfortunately, my view might not fit your game and I would hate send you down the rabbit hole. However, as with all wedges, it is important to know the distance you feel most comfortable when chipping. I know my distances, do you know yours?

Without trying to convince you of a technique, the only recommendation I can make at this time is practice with different clubs to understand the distances your perform best with which wedge. This knowledge will be a stroke saver and can help you break the milestone you are looking to break.

Do you know our wedge distances when chipping?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Using a Sand Wedge to Chip

    • Pete,

      Makes sense. I find that from less that 50 yards, the wind is rarely a factor. I am not a high ball hitter. It is good that you have a preferred distance with your wedge, helps with course management.

      Cheers Jim


  1. For me, a sand wedge is just another iron with a max distance that can be used anywhere from the fringe to that max distance depending on the pin location. Referring to your drawing above, if the gap wedge is 110 to 75, then the sand wedge would simply be 90 – 0. For me, the biggest improvement in my game over the last few years is to incorporate a 3/4 wedge shot for my wedge, gap wedge, and sand wedge. This has basically given me 3 more clubs with distances that reduced my gaps between clubs.


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