Albert Einstein Does It Again

Considered one of the greatest minds of my lifetime, Albert Einstein is know for may great things. However, he has one quote that I like which applies to my golf game and life as a whole. It is not profoundly earth-shattering, but it does sum up any player trying to reach a goal; in my case to be a scratch golfer.

Quite simply:

Does this quote not fit golfers perfectly! The players who change or attempt to change make mistakes, but seem to always improve their game. I know over the years I left my comfort zone and reaped great rewards.

Of course there are other factors to take into account for making adjustments to your golf game, but the first step is always the hardest. I know over the years that beginning the journey towards lower golf scores was challenging and I needed a push. Yet, my desire to play better overshadowed my fears. Being reflective, I wish my desire was greater in my earlier playing days, who knows where my game would be now.

Our journey takes many paths. I am grateful for my path because it has brought me to this point in time and my golf game is fairly solid. As with all golfers, we all wish it was better, but who knows what would have fallen to the wayside if my path had changed.

Albert Einstein said if perfectly. So, as I continue my quest to be a scratch golfer, his words will continue to resonate with me.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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