DIY Golf Chipping Area

As part of my ongoing preparation for the upcoming 2020 golf season, I finally set up my indoor chipping area. It really was not that hard because I had everything in place, but the slightly warmer temperatures make it better for practicing. So two days ago, I broke out the net and my sand wedge and went to work.

First, this is what my practice area looks like:

My indoor DIY chipping area.

As you can see, it is a bit crowded at the landing area, but I find that it helps me focus more on the actual net. Besides, everything is protected behind my DIY driving net.

The chipping area is five paces from the net. This space was perfect for my DIY chipping mat. Additionally, this is the max distance I will use because of the tendency of the golf balls to want to bounce around on the hard garage floor.

I only use five balls because any more and it is like herding cats when it is time to collect them. Having golf balls bounce off each other when practicing is a challenge so, five golf balls is the optimum for my chipping area.

I talked about the cold being a factor. The fact that I am using real golf balls limited my ability to practice when temperatures dropped below 50° F or 10° C. Anything below that and there is no feel in my chipping game during practice. It would be like hitting a rock over and over again. Not much benefit or fun.

I am grateful for the ability to practice in the off-season. This is the first time that I consistently swung a club during the colder weather. I definitely will help because now I do not have to spend the first month knocking the rust off my game. I am sure many of you amateur duffers understand completely what I am talking about!

I am set up now with all the tools I need to keep my swing tuned up for the 2020 golf season. As the temperature increase, it will become easier and easier to practice. My next step will be to move my practice area outdoors, but that is not until the dreaded insect season is over…..but this is a story for another day!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “DIY Golf Chipping Area

  1. Jim, all you need now is a club assembly/repair station and you’ll have a full service indoor bay. Keep up the late winter prep and I look forward to hearing about your explosion out of the gate in April!




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