The Most Underrated Piece of Golf Apparel

Socks! Yup, socks is the most underrated piece of golf apparel. Not only is it the most overlooked, it also has exacting standards of length and style. Who knew? I sure did not. Apparently, it is a huge faux pas to wear the wrong socks and is akin to a fashion failure that needs shaming. But, it is only socks!

When wearing shorts, the length and colour of socks was the main concern. Respondents were quite vocal; this took me by surprise to say the least:

After reading the responses, I gleaned that socks worn with shorts should meet the following criteria:

  • Never above the ankle
  • Hidden completely is preferable
  • Color needs to match the shoes or shorts
  • A specific brand seemed to garner some interest

Well, I will tell you I have never thought that much about socks that related to when I was playing golf. I generally try to match the sock colour with my shoes, but I can tell you that this does not always happen.

Additionally, I generally do not wear longer socks, but if I do I push them down to cover my ankles. I usually wear ankle socks. Hidden socks seem to fall off, so I do not wear them. On socks is a no go for me either.

I like cotton socks, but the brand is whatever is cheapest at the time I need to buy some. Thin socks are not comfortable at all, so I lean towards the sport style of ankle socks.

You see, there is more about socks than one would ever expect! Personally, I have already given too much thought to this topic and will close by saying that socks seem to be the most underrated piece of golf apparel.

What do you think?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “The Most Underrated Piece of Golf Apparel

  1. somehow, after a late evening and with an early tee time the next day I arrived at the golf course without socks……. ( I’m still not sure how that happened) luckily the pro shop sold dryjoy low-rise socks. I bought them and they were fantastic. I would definitely buy another pair.


  2. You’ve got to watch out for the fashion police. They’re an unforgiving bunch. I think they burn you at the stake if you wear socks with sandals. lol


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