Do You Have the Right Rain Gear for Golf?

When your golf season is only six months long, seven if we are lucky, a golfer must learn to play in all types of weather. In the warmer months, rain is never a reason to stay home and knock of items from my ‘to do’ list. It just means that I have an opportunity to work on my golf game in adverse conditions. Of course to do this, I need the right kit to ensure I can still play my best golf. But, what is the ‘right kit’? Is it standard for everyone?

Generally, I get push back from my playing partners if it is going to rain. It is unlikely they will play if it is raining before we start, but will chance it if there is a chance we will not get wet. Personally, if see playing in the rain as an opportunity to improve my game. One never knows what the weather will be like in competition, so preparing before had is important to competing.

To play ones best in the rain, trying to keep my equipment dry is a must. I have all the kit I need to keep the water at bay, except one. I will explain later. Having the proper kit varies from player to player and it shoes by the responses I received to the following question:

As you can see, there are many correct answers to this question. The top answer in the other category is rain gloves. It seems that this piece of kit is critical to holding their golf club and swinging smoothly. I find that very interesting. More on that later.

Here is a list of rain gear I use, carry, or wear that works very well for me. For the most part, I can keep my clubs, hands, and body dry for most of the round. However, without this equipment, my game does suffer. Here is what I carry:

  • Umbrella
  • 2 Towels
  • Rain Suit
  • Golf Bag Cover
  • Waterproof Shoes
  • Regular Golf Hat (Baseball style)
  • Push Cart (will carry if I have too)
  • Plastic Bag for Scorecard
  • Wet Weather Gloves**

That about sums it up. You will notice an asterisk beside gloves. That is because I do not wear them at any time. I find that wet weather gloves are too bulky on my hands and I have trouble swinging. Therefore, I have learned to play without any type of golf. In the wet, I swing just a bit easier and grip just a bit tighter. I do not see a drop in my ability to hit solid shots, so wet weather gloves are not a must for me.

Given the number of answers saying that gloves are a must, I am sure some think me crazy. However, each player must adapt their game to the conditions of each round; additionally, they have to be comfortable with the equipment they choose. Personally, gloves are not for me.

Do you have the right wet weather gear for your game? Do you wear wet weather golf glovers?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “Do You Have the Right Rain Gear for Golf?

  1. Well, I’ve already told you I have all the required wet weather gear. Except shoes. The running shoes I’m playing in right now seem fine as far as my swing goes, but they certainly don’t keep the water out. I started looking online for a new pair of golf shoes to deal with that last night though. The pants and jacket I use are from FootJoy and they work very well including allowing me room to swing.


  2. Hi Jim,
    I have all the required equipment for playing in the rain, but as yet have not found a jacket that does not impede my back swing in some way. Therefore I am one of those guys who will not tee off if it is raining on the first tee.


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  3. Jim, once it starts raining hard enough to worry about keeping equipment dry is when I go to my rain gloves. The added benefit is that I don’t have to worry about the equipment afterwards because as the grips get wetter, the rain gloves become tackier. Swing as hard or easy as you want with no slippage. I will then throw off my headcovers and let the sticks get wet knowing it won’t affect my game, and focus on keeping my core dry. So I’d say rain gloves first, then a good rain jacket.




      • Jim, I am looking for a new pair myself. For the last 10 or 15 years, I’ve had a pair of Nike rain gloves which have worked very well but in February, finally malfunctioned when the Velcro tab on the back failed to stay closed. While they were an excellent product, I no longer buy Nike products because of their support for Colin Kaepernick. But that’s my issue. Will probably look to see if there’s a highly reviewed pair of Titleist or Under Armour.



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      • Thanks Brian. And you bought up a good point about advertisement. Affiliation to a cause or person does drive sales. Tiger Woods comes to mind when he went through a tough patch and many of his sponsors jumped ship. Thanks for the info.

        Cheers Jim


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