Infographic: COVID-19 Guidelines

COVID-19 has changed the way we play golf. It has force a new normal upon golfers and if we want to beat this beast, there are guidelines that must be followed on and off the golf course. The infographic below is only a smattering of guidelines that we need to follow, but it hits the highlights for my home course of Osprey Links.

The 2020 golfing season is going to be different. In order to remain safe and the golf courses to stay open, please follow all the guidelines of your local golf courses. They are in place for your and the workers safety.

Lastly, please have patience and flexibility for the golf course staff. I know the team at Osprey Links are working hard to accommodate all the changes to make our golfing experience as fun as possible. Lets do our part and show them the respect they deserve!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Infographic: COVID-19 Guidelines

  1. Hi JIm,
    some of the rules are confusing, for instance, at our course there is no touching of the flagstick, no drinking water fountains, ball cleaners. But there are rakes in the bunkers. I agree with Brian about the short supply of carts because of only one person per cart, one fourball, four carts.



    • Pete,

      That is interesting. Our course does not have any of the above and we do not have rakes either. The carts do not seem to be a challenge at our course yet, but wait until all 18 holes are open, then I think carts will be in high demand. I hope your game is going well.

      Cheers Jim


  2. Jim, two observations. First, the rules about touching the flag stick sped play up. No more ambiguity with some players wanting it in and some wanting it out. You just putted and exited. Second, the course staff struggled the most with the cart situation. On Wednesday, I arrived at my club to practice around 4:30 and they had run out of carts. They were trying to keep to their tee sheet and asking folks to carry a few holes and they’d try and ferry a cart out to them. On Friday, when we finished our round, they met us at the 18th green to immediately take our cart for disinfecting and re-circulation. They are actually subject to a small supply chain problem and it will only ease as soon as players are allowed to double up on carts. Walking is a good option but not for everyone. We’ll see where this thing goes.



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  3. I had to alter plans twice this week because of the new rules around here. First, I checked out the chipping area and found it is still closed for use. Then, today, I planned to play late but I got stuck on a couple of untimely phone calls today and then raced off to the course only to find out I had missed the cut off by 15 minutes. Both were disappointing, but not the end of the world. And I left the clubs and hand cart by the door so I can head out in the morning and start tomorrow right.

    I want to get another round in before the week starts because I want to go play another course with a friend Monday or Tuesday. He’s never been there and is in for a surprise I think because there are very few courses within hours of here that give you elevation changes like this one does. We’ll ride up in separate cars. Ride (you can’t walk) in separate carts. And we’ll observe all the rules. And we’ll get to enjoy a few hours outdoors with the birds and the gators (I’ve seen some really big ones there). And play a course that’s different than our norm.

    This game brings benefits during times like this that non-golfers don’t appreciate. I hope you played well today.

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    • Kevin,

      The new normal for timings for sure. We have the rules in place here. The round went well. More to follow in a couple of days.

      Have fun at your different course with your friend this week. The courses sounds like our back nine.

      Cheers Jim


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