Are You Forgetting Something?

Sometimes life gets in the way and other times, we just plain forget to do something. Well, the latter fits into writing an article yesterday for today. It is easy to do and I was caught up in doing things where I forgot to write. The funny thing is that it was not until this morning that I realized my faux pas. Well, I think it is time to rectify that situation.

Writing is much like my golf swing. There are so many things to remember, the inevitably we forget something. The result is usually a poor shot and a higher than par score a hole or two. How I respond to this omission has really changed over the years.

After a few poor holes, years ago, I would mentally give up say that this round was wasted. I started to ‘play around’ trying shots that I had no business doing or just go through the motions waiting to walk off the course. Thinking back, I really was a weak player mentally and did not use every opportunity to improve.

Fast forward to now! If I forget something while playing, the moment I realize I add it to my game and start fresh. I use each moment as a possible teaching moment and try not to let my time on the links go to waste. My season is too short and I have so much to do. Forgetting is part of life, like this article, when I remember I try to immediately rectify my failure and move on to what is next.

There is nothing really profound about my approach to golf (and life), yet it works for me. I will forget from time to time, but it is what I do after I remember that counts.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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