Dress For Success On The Golf Course

I can honestly say that I am not a very fashion conscious golfer except for my socks. I realize this may seem a bit odd, but I like to wear dark socks with my black shoes and white socks with my white shoes. I think this stems from seeing people wearing socks with sandals, however that is a completely different conversation. But, I digress. Simply put, dressing for success on the golf course has nothing to do with fashion, but utility and comfort.

It was 3° Celsius in October at Roundel Glen Golf Course, Trenton, Ontario, Canada

When you live in northern climes, the weather is an important topic of conversation. If you are a golfer, this statement is doubly true. The weather, at least in my area, determines a great many golf related factors. It will determine what exactly I need to wear on a daily basis to ensure that I am comfortable and dry when playing. If either of those important factors are assessed poorly, then my round of golf will be more a matter of survival than just plain fun.

Since the start of my 2020 golf season in mid-May, I have played golf in the cold (around 5° C), the rain, cold wind, snow, heat (32° C), sun, and cloud. Each of these types of temperature required a different set of clothing and are not necessarily transferable if the weather changes. Until July, the weather is like playing craps, a wrong roll and you are sorely disappointed.

To dress for success on the golf course is really about being comfortable and dry for me. Over the years, I have purchased the proper clothing to meet my two criteria. I have a good wet weather outfit, umbrellas, wind breakers, hats, gloves, toques, layers, shoes, etc. to meet the changing weather patterns. Additionally, all of this equipment fits properly so I can comfortable swing my golf clubs.

The only real limitation is when the weather gets very cold, below 5° C. Then the layers start to hinder my golf swing. Additionally, if we combine the cold with rain….well, then it might be time to think about staying home. As I get a bit older and have more opportunity to play; I am not adverse to staying home if the I know the weather is going to very unpleasant. But, that is a ‘at the moment’ call.

Dressing for success for me is not about looking good. Don’t get me wrong I try to look presentable on the golf course and from time to time my wife will help sort me out. However, this is secondary to being able to comfortably swing a golf club!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


5 thoughts on “Dress For Success On The Golf Course

  1. The feel like temperature this morning on the course was 100 degrees F. Dressing for success in that requires wearing and air conditioner.


      • No golf for me today but I heard today that normal hours are back starting today so I can get back to playing in the evening instead of in the heat of the day. That was good news since I don’t have a wearable air conditioner and Brian’s idea isn’t an option. I already spent a couple months off the course with a wrist injury, I don’t want to miss any more because of sunburn in all the wrong places.


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