Never Forget Your Best You

Golf is an exhilarating and frustrating sport. I can to from the high of highs to the low of lows in just one or two strokes. Being mentally capable of ‘rolling with it’ is something I developed over the years. Unfortunately, I have found that, lately, I am more vocal over poor shots than in the past. I am not sure why, but it is time to stop the negative thinking and to focus on being positive regardless of my golf swing. It is something I have intentionally worked on for years, now is not the time to revert to poor times.

It is not that I rant or rave and carry on like a clown. It is more a quick outburst of disgust from a poor swing. It seems to have crawled back into my psyche and it is time to banish this bad habit to the abyss.

It all started when I hit a very poor shot (it does happen from time to time 🙂 ) and I reacted poorly. Then, slowly, like the weeds on my front lawn, my negative comment were happening on shots. Even those that were okay, but not perfect. I was adopting a negative mental attitude that I find is not conducive to my overall game. I think that this approach to my golf game is poor and not required.

So, how do I fix this spiral of foolishness. Well, I have a sure-fire way to stop. It focuses on being mindful and in the moment. It is that easy. As I play lots of golf, I sometimes forget the wonderful and grateful aspects of playing golf and dwell only on the results of each swing. This approach has never been worked for me and as such it is time to stop.

Who am I to argue with Harry Vardon? How is it possible to play great golf if I am constantly focused on my poor shots? The short answer is that I cannot. It is time to realign my thinking and embrace the awesomeness of playing golf. It is not a hard thing to do, it just takes me being mindful.

As you can see, all golfers (regardless of handicap) face challenges in all forms. In my case, my negative reaction to poor shots were starting to dominate my mental focus and that is going to stop today. I choose to see the positives of my game and focus on those shots. If you are wondering, this approach does work for my game and it likely will work for yours.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Never Forget Your Best You

  1. Good Morning Jim,
    I think I may slightly disagree with you.
    An angry outburst ( not clownish or a Rant). Is a self-chastising way to remind me that I am a better player than that last poor shot. Golfers are their own coach and psychiatrist while on the course, Sometime all I need is a personal kick in the pants to get back on my way.
    …Just a thought…
    Great article.

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  2. Playing by myself I guess I could get away with it, but I try and fight the urge with a smile. I had to smile a few times today over putts due to dragging the ground in the swing. I really hate it when I do that and to have it happen more than once in a round made that smile hard to come by. I played the same course set up today as I did on Saturday and score the same though I didn’t have that albatross at the end to get me there. I think the smiling helped.

    I was pretty proud of myself when I left though. I missed some greens I thought I should have hit, but hit some pretty good pitches to make up for it. Parred first 7 holes before I blew the putt on the 8th and bogied. And on the last hole, the one I aced Saturday, I hit a shot that amazed me. I was into the wind so it didn’t make it all the way to the green today, but I connected perfectly and put the ball right under the hole for an easy pitch shot. That was the last putt I should have made. I took myself out of the game by admiring what I’d done I guess. But I guess I’m ok with that this time. It’s not often that happens anyway. lol


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