Breaking Par For The First Time In My 2020 Golf Season

I finally broke par in 2020. Yesterday I shot a 1 under par 70. It was a solid round where I struck the ball better than any other round this year. My round was comfortable and seemed easy right from the first swing. I was over the moon to play a solid round with no major errors.

My round started off with a birdie chance on the par 5 first hole. I hit a good drive and better 3 wood to sit about 50 yards from the green. After a quick chip with my sand wedge, I was left with a 12 foot putt for birdie. Of course I missed, but was very close. But, little did I know this was going to be the start of a special round.

As the rest of the front nine unfolded, I found that I was putting for birdie on 8 of the 9 holes. Unfortunately, I two-putted every green for a one over 36. I must say that I was disappointed with two greens because I missed a four and six foot putt for birdie. Hence, I had as many putts on the front nine as I did other shots. That was a bit disappointing, but I was very happy to walk off the 9th green sitting one over.

Then the fun started. The par 5, 10th hole is a par five. Surprisingly, I pulled my approach shot from 80 yards left about 10 yards. The ground was very well and I dug the heal of my knock down gap wedge first and it closed the face of my club. As I walked up to ball, I had a 15 yard chip to the pin. Selecting my lob wedge, I struck my ball perfectly; it landed 6 feet from the pin and rolled in for a birdie!!! I was now even moving forward.

I missed the green only 3 times on the back nine and I was able to birdie, par, and bogey for an even par for missed greens. I was very happy with my short game, but mostly with my approach shots. I had a GIR average of 78% for the day and have only match this best percentage only once this year. I was striking my irons beautifully yesterday.

After 13 holes, I was sitting one under par; then I hit a poor tee shot, great approach shot from 200 yards. I was just off the green and hit a poor chip. I lipped out my 15 foot putt to even up my score. This was a needless bogey, but that happens some time. After two more pars, I played the best hole of the day.

On the par 3, 165 yard, 17th hole I selected my 6 iron. I left it five yards short, but had straight putt up a small hill to the pin. I picked y spot and struck my putt perfectly. I hit the center of the cup for birdie and a score of one under with one hole to play.

9th hole Osprey Links Golf Course

As you can see from the hole above, there are many hazards to avoid on the last hole of my day. Well, I was up to the challenge and hit my driver to 155 yards out, in the middle of the fair way. I decided to club up and hit my 6 iron. Because the green is elevated, I decided to fly my ball to the center of the green and rely on my putter to keep my sub-par round alive.

I pushed my ball a bit to the right and was left with a bit looping right to left putt from 35 feet. Well, I struck my best putt of the day and lag my shot to within 8 inches of the cup. After a quick tap in, I walked off the green with with my first under par of the 2020 season.

I chalk up my best round of the year to excellent ball striking. Yesterday’s round confirmed that a high GIR percentage is the key to shooting low golf scores. I did not putt poorly, but nothing exceptional considering I made 31 total putts with one chip in. Regardless of how I got there, I finally broke par this year. I am hoping I can do the same today.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


12 thoughts on “Breaking Par For The First Time In My 2020 Golf Season

  1. Congrats Jim, excellant round of
    Golf. I have never broken par at my course but have shot my share of 3 and 4 over. When i have one of those rounds my thoughts after it is oover are much like yours. I am very happy with my play and it seemed easy, strange as that may sound to some.

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  2. Jim, fantastic! The best news is that you pulled it off and didn’t get lucky. Just pounding GIRs. Going back-to-back under par is a tall task but you can do it! I came close back in 1996, when I was playing the best golf of my life. Went even, 1-under, even; but have never achieved.
    Fairways and greens my man. Good luck today!

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  3. Following up an under par round with another is just another test of our will. Can we keep all those extraneous thoughts out of our heads and just hit smart shots we know beyond doubt we can make.
    The one thing that helps me most in that regard is remembering my early days of golf and getting beaten by that little old Canadian man who couldn’t hit it past 150 even with a driver off the tee but he never, ever missed. I learned that more often than not, a green missed just short is better than a green missed right, left or long. NOT going for it every time is a sure sign your golf game has matured.

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