Chipping Success With My 7 Iron

This year I adopted the use of my 7-iron whenever possible. I have found that I this particular club (my friend Rick uses an 8-iron with the same success) has allowed for a greater up and down percentage and lower golf scores. My ability to scramble has really increased my confidence when missing the green on approach shots; to such an extent that it is expanding into other areas of my game. And this is a good thing all around!

If you are wondering what changed to make this club so successful, it actually is something very simple. As I skim my club along the ground, I focus on making contact on the lower grooves of my 7-iron.

The perfect contact spot for chipping with my 7-iron around the green.

Making contact on the lower three grooves allows my ball to scoot a short distance on contact then roll out on my intended line. This is accomplished with very little forward press. In my case, the back of my trail hand (right hand) aligns the the back of the ball; this ensures my club is in the perfect position. I also use my putter grip to remind myself to hit the ball as hard as if I had a putter in my hand. By judging the distance required as if it was a putter stroke ensures that my ball will not roll out too far or short.

The key to this successful shot, still hinges on making contact on the lower three grooves. This is my sweet spot on my 7-iron and I worked diligently on finding it. I know when I miss this particular spot because it will feel thin or fat. Additionally, a miss hit will result in my ball the ball either rising too high in the air or bouncing off my club into the ground. It is very distinctive and hard to miss.

Chipping successfully with my 7-iron has really helped my short game this year. I continue to build on my confidence that I will be able to lower my golf scores by avoiding bogeys and doubles. All aspects of my game are connected and I am focusing on chipping at this time.

What are you focus on to build confidence?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Chipping Success With My 7 Iron

  1. Jim, by using your putting grip, that tells me you’re trying to keep the ball as low as possible which is very smart. It also tells me you use this play off the fringe or closely mown areas. When you get into deeper grass or need more carry, what’s your club of choice? I’ll typically use an 8-iron for the shot you are describing and move to either a PW or 58 when more loft is required.



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  2. Getting distance right is critical with chips and putts. With the putter change from blade to mallet, I worked mostly on my putting this week. So far, I’m very encouraged. I really haven’t seen any shot that went too long or came up too short. That surprised me. I also spent some extra time pitching from the rough on holes with some harder pin placements. When I’m short sided, I tend to automatically go for the harder shot and aim for a too tiny landing zone. I’ve caught myself doing that a few times in the past couple months and I want that to end. I flared my 3 wood right a bit and landed in the rough the 1st time through on 17 and emptied my bag of balls after coming up short with the 1st attempt. That green had the pin just 6 paces or so from the right and the hole was sitting just at the bottom of a little knoll on the green. The landing zone I was aiming for was less than a yard deep. After a few attempts, I finally got it through my thick skull that sometimes, it’s better to aim long than to go for the cute shot. On that shot in particular, even if I had hit my target and stuck it, I would have been left with a putt that was harder than being 10 feet past the hole. I want to rid my game of rookie errors like that.

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