How Soon Does Rust Show Up In Your Golf Game

Fall golf does have a tendency to reek havoc on my golf game. As I generally play 4 times a week with no more than a two day layoff between games, my golf game stays pretty sharp most of the time. However, due to the weather challenges and life commitments, I can go 4 or 5 days without swinging a club. I do have my practice area at my house, but generally I am busy or the weather does not cooperate to make it of any use. Alas, when I have a prolong break, I notice rust starting to form. Does this happen to you?

The first area that starts to noticeably decline is my short game approach shots from 110 to 50 yards. For some reason, my normal feel changes; it is like I am wearing winter mittens. I cannot seem judge my distances very well, thus leaving very long putts for birdie (or par) or I am chipping again. It really is frustrating.

The Duck has nothing to do with the article, but a sighting was require. I has been awhile since he made an appearance. Right Kirk?

Yesterday was a perfect example. After 4 days of no golf, I played in a 4-person scramble with some friends. The ground was very wet and that added to my poor play. I felt like I was digging a hole every time I hit an approach shot. I did hit a few good shots, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and again. It really was not a pretty day for my short game; thankfully, the of my golf game rest was fine.

It is fairly easy to knock off the rust at this time of year, but the real way to prevent it for showing up in the first place is to play more. I cannot complain about my 2020 golf season considering COVID delayed its start until the last week in May. I am grateful for the blessings in my life and a little bit of rust is not going to change that!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “How Soon Does Rust Show Up In Your Golf Game

  1. Jim, yeah the first thing that goes for me is short game. Today is practice day and it’s pouring with the remnants of Hurricane Laura. I’ve got a game tomorrow and need to figure out how to get some work in. Maybe a couple of hours of rug putting during the golf this afternoon.

    Good luck banging that rust!


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    • Lorne here (the hickory golfer) and I thought I would comment on the last two posts. The short game is always the first to go so fifteen minutes chipping does wonders. Secondly I read your post on fall/winter golf and preparation for it is important. Living in Cambridge, I am close enough to the Niagara region which has two golf courses open all year whenever there is no snow on the ground. I have all the layers and always walk when it is cold. Also, my plus fours are much more than a fashion statement when the weather gets cold. The warm socks do not get wet like long pant legs. Wet clothing will cause more of a cold issue. Use your goretex rain bottoms if it gets chilly in the same way as a warm wind jacket. Favourite balls to use are Callaway Supersoft and Srixon Soft Feel. Cart mittens work great, rarely put on the winter golf gloves until 4 degrees C. I had four games in January and five in February without going south. Play shorter tees and have fun. A nice bowl of chilli after the round can’t be beat. Also, spend more time stretching.

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