Properly Hitting A Fairway Wood From The Short Grass

Hitting a fairway wood properly is critical to my game. Over the years, I have tried to maximize my distance from the short grass with better than average success. Recently, I have been challenged to make proper contact that has resulted in the loss of about 10 or 15 yards. My recent change of a slower back swing has helped, but reading an article from Golf Digest about how Tiger Woods likes to hit down with his fairway woods strikes home with me.

To paraphrase the article, Tiger Woods likes to hit down with his fairway woods to ensure the best contact. He highlighted how Ben Hogan would hit down with his fairway woods and if it is good enough for the best ball striker perhaps ever, then it was good enough for him. The Golf Digest article can be found here.

Personally, I believe in hitting down with my fairway woods. I don’t suggest that we take a divot like a wedge, but a small divot just in front of ball is perfect. Lately, because of the very wet conditions, I have tried to sweep the ball, but just does not work for me. I would top the ball as much as make good contact. To avoid this I found the following video:

I like taking a divot with all clubs except my driver. I find that I make the best contact when I do and my fairway woods is no different. I take a divot more often than not and when I do, good things happen. I guess I have subscribed to this type of ball contact for years, but I until now I have not been able to clearly explain what I mean.

Do you take a divot with your fairway woods? Or do you try to sweep you club for contact?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Properly Hitting A Fairway Wood From The Short Grass

  1. Jim, I’m a sweeper but lately have been coming in too far from the inside and making poor contact. Working to stay on plane and firm up my left side for all shots. Irons are ahead of woods right now.



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  2. I can’t say I hit down on it because I don’t take big divots with the 3 wood when hitting it off the deck. But I can say it feels EXACTLY like I’m hitting down on the ball. If I don’t get that feeling, then I know I hit it poorly.

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