Golf’s Fall Lull

The fall lull has finally arrived. There is zero chance I will hit the links anymore in 2020, so it is time to shift my focus to other areas of interest. It is not that I am forgetting about golf, it is just time for other things. Having said that, I will keep writing every day as I have 68 days to go for another year’s straight of daily writing. The challenge, of course, will be to find interesting topics to write about. I have no specific articles yet, but I have several engaging ideas that I am mulling around. But for now, the fall lull is out of the starting blocks.

Over the next few days, my first order of business will be to clean my kit from last year. I need to give my clubs, bag and shoes a through scrub so that they are ready for next year. This is a yearly thing and is important to maintain my investment in my golf equipment.

Beautiful fall colours signal the transition into my Fall Lull.

Additionally, I need to fix up my DIY chipping mat and get a few supplies for my driving net. This will not likely happen for a few weeks because I have some winterizing to do around my home. I traditionally take a bit of time off during the fall lull to recharge my batteries about golf and to focus on upcoming winter activities.

Unlike some of my friends in southern climes, this cyclical, ground hog day, routine happens at this time every year. I will admit that some years it is discouraging when the lull happens, but this year I am ready for a break. The 60+ trips to Osprey Links equates to round trip visit every 2.5 days, approximately round trip distance of 9000 kms (5600 miles), and 120+ hours of driving, I am ready for a bit of a break. I will say that I played about 70+ rounds this year because I maximized a few trips by playing more than 18 holes. Overall, it was a commitment to play that often, but one I thoroughly enjoyed. However, I am happy to see the fall lull this year and take a bit of a break.

I do miss golfing, mostly seeing my friends and chatting about the happenings in and around our area. We have been friends a long time and try to plan a get together once a week in the off season, but with COVID happening this year, I am not confident that is going to happen. We shall see.

In the meantime, I am going to gratefully embrace the change in weather. Take a bit of a golf break. And then start preparing for next year. I expect the golf courses will be open a bit sooner in 20201 and as always plan for 15 April as our opening day. Until then, I will enjoy the fall lull, the winter wonderland, and writing and dreaming about golf in 2021.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Golf’s Fall Lull

  1. 47 miles one way to frustrate one’s self every 2.5 days. That’s dedication. Or is it addiction. You say tomato….😂

    On the subject of Covid, I saw my first golf cart today with a clear plastic divider between passenger and driver so carts can be shared safely. I found that interesting. And I noted that as driver, if a squall comes through, you can protect yourself really well if you don’t mind soaking your passenger…..🤣

    And if you think I have more than my share of luck holing out now, you should see how often I do it whilst dreaming about golf….🤣😂

    Stay warm and safe and we’ll dedicate a shot or two to you this coming winter.


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