Forgetting To Go To The Golf Course

Have you ever missed a tee time because you forgot? You know, life took over and you did not hit your tee time! I am trying to think if there ever was a time that I just forgot to go to the golf course. I don’t thinks so, but of course over 45+ years of playing golf it is entirely possible. Definitely not over the past 20 years, yet when I was younger……well, we will just move on.

For those who do not know, there is a hard fast etiquette to making a tee time or not. There are rules that everyone must follow; or at least if you want to golf in our group! I think they are fairly straight forward and consider them hard fast because waiting for someone on the first tee is never fun.

My guidelines (okay they are rules) were developed over years of waiting on the first tee for my playing partner. Rick and Blair follow these guidelines without worry and expect the same from me. So, here we go:

  • If you cannot make it, call as soon as possible – even if it is days away;
  • If you are going to be late, call and advise; this is so we can delay our tee time if possible;
  • If you commit to play, it is engraved in stone. It only takes once or twice when a player does not show that they are off reliable list;
  • We will wait until our allot time and if you are not there, you can catch us on the course;
  • Arrive about 30 minutes before your tee time;
  • Plan our golfing a week in advance and let us know your preferences to play;
  • Lastly, have fun!

Okay, I might not be as rigid as I sound about the guidelines. The real issue is that if you cannot make your tee time; let your playing partners know. There is nothing worse that scrambling around wondering if someone is going to show.

Blair, Rick and I do have a steadfast guideline that we have adopted…..if you are not there at our designated time, we do not wait. It is not because we are being harsh, it is because we understand that if one of us does not show, something has come up.

The point about my diatribe is that it is only courteous to let your playing partners know if you can make it or not to your designated tee time. I think that by letting your friends (or even the course) know that you cannot make your designated tee time, it is best for everyone. It is only a good etiquette.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the list!

4 thoughts on “Forgetting To Go To The Golf Course

  1. I agree. My best story that relates to this is the time I broke a tooth on a nut bar whilst driving to the course. The pain was excruciating, but I stuck with it and it settled down. Then I had a drink! Back to shooting pain. But I had an idea. If I tilt my head on one side, the water wonvt contact the tooth. Tried it. Worked! Kept going to the course and played my round, then went to emergency dental after. Didn’t miss my tee time!

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  2. I’ve never forgotten a tee time, but I’ve certainly been late or had to call and cancel in the past. And once or twice, I forgot to bring things with me that I needed. My putter. Golf shoes. And of course, my game most often.

    I’ve been working on my turn against the wall in my room for two weeks now. I’ve not really tried to take it on the course until today. It caused a lot of trouble in the beginning. I had to adjust how far my feet were in my stance and how far away the ball was with every club I hit so by the 5th hole where I hooked one almost into the left rough on the next hole over, I was a little frustrated with it. But I’m pretty hard headed and I kept at it anyway and got rewarded on the 6th with the best 5 iron I think I’ve ever seen me hit. Then I followed it with a great driver shot. And another. I flubbed a couple more before the day was out, but mostly, I was hitting one club less than normal and just powering the ball after that. They weren’t major distance gains really. Just me choosing to hit the full swing over the partial one mostly. But a few surprised me. That 5 iron for one, and a pitching wedge later both flew at least ten yards longer than a normal good swing and both with into the breeze not with it. If I can learn to control the ball flight better this way, I think 20 extra yards is in the realm of possibility. I got another week or two before we see the pro. Enough time to get a little more used to what I’m doing before the pro tweaks me again.

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