Playing Golf Above Your Head

Have you ever walked up to the first tee hoping for something magical to happen on the course that day? And then it happened, you played your best round in quite awhile. It seemed that not matter what you tried, it worked! You scored well and when looking back at the round, you realized you played well above your head. If this sounds familiar then you are blessed! And think back with fond memories and be grateful!

I am a grateful golfer!

I am grateful to have had a few rounds like those through the years…..mostly in my early days of playing. I find that in the last 5 years or so, I really have not had a round where I played so far out of the norm that I thought I was playing above my head. Now, I have played well below my potential from time to time, but I try not to focus on those rounds. As I write this article, I started to wonder what my metrics really are to consider what playing above my head really means.

I actually stopped writing for about 30 minutes while I thought about my metrics and decided that I really did not have any that were quantifiable. It was more of a feel thing; however I have decided on three specific ways I can measure to feel that I played above my head in the future. They are simple and in no particular order:

  • Play 18 holes of golf with all pars or less. Zero bogeys or higher. I feel that this metric is very hard achieve. I think that over the thousands of rounds I have played, less than 20 will fit in this category;
  • Playing a subpar round of golf. Since I have only achieved this feat six times ever; this seems perfect for my list, as it is rare for my game; and
  • Walking off the 18th hole feeling extremely satisfied with my game. There are some rounds that are magical not because of the score, but how they unfolded. This particular metric is important for my overall sense of gratefulness when playing golf.

As I finish writing this article, I realized that my views have expanded on what I consider playing above my head. Or at least I quantified them a bit more. I realize that the last item on my list keeps the door open to just about anything, but I feel that I just could not be rigid on my view about a great round of golf. Do you have any metrics for your stellar play?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Playing Golf Above Your Head

  1. All your metrics work for me and I would add one more. Whatever I shot, minus two. When looking back I can always find at least two swings I’d like to have back. If I can play a game and look back and not find a single swing I’d want to do over, that would be something no matter what the score.


  2. Jim, I’d say my metric is pretty simple; at or under par. On your first point, have you seriously played 20 bogey free rounds? Wow, I have never been able to do that. I think even in my best under-par rounds I had a couple bogeys. When I start on a bogey free run, I start thinking about it too much and bam! That’s when a double shows up – LOL!
    On your last point, there are occasions when I’m off my game and need a good score on the last hole to salvage something. When I achieve that it gives me a feeling of satisfaction because I didn’t give up. Keeps me coming back, as they say.


    • Brian,

      I am lucky to have score quite a few rounds without a bogey. Unfortunately, the also had almost no birdies. It is tough for sure, a great feeling and also a bit frustrating. Oh well, like you say, keeps us coming back.

      Cheers Jim


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