All Journeys Start With The First Step

As the sun rises on a new path, taking the first step is always the hardest.

I am so happy that 2021 is finally here. As I start my new path towards being a scratch golfer, I think it is important to keep an open mind and to embrace the unexpected opportunities to improve my game. Of course, that is not a new approach, but I think it will help me take my game to the next level.

I started stretching yesterday and I have to say I feel terrible today. It really hurt…..haha. Yup, I knew this was coming and yet, I did it anyway. There was nothing I could do to prevent this unfortunate step in my journey because the focusing on flexibility is going to be the cornerstone of my plan for 2021. So, yesterday my journey started. And I will continue because I know it will get better.

Today, I set up my DIY hitting net and hit a few balls. Needless to say that I am anticipating that my swing will not be up to form because I can barely turn. Okay, stop laughing because you have all been there. 🙂 More on this tomorrow.

The new year has started and my hope for an awesome golf season is renewed. This hope will start to fuel my passion to improve and over the next few months I am hoping to see gains (as I did in my last offseason). Regardless, it is going to fun and exciting.

Excited for a new golf season!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “All Journeys Start With The First Step

  1. Jim, but it’s a good kind of hurt, right? We should be drawing our inspiration from Gary Player on this stuff. Stay safe and I’m looking forward to hearing of your progress and your DIY work!



  2. With the work I’ve been doing to increase my turn and all the extra playing time I’m now getting my lower back has been tight for days now so I understand and share your “plight” (for lack of a better word). But I didn’t let it stop me from beginning the new year right and playing today. Thankfully it was plenty warm out and that helped. I played pretty well considering the back and the almost gale force winds we had to contend with.

    That always been my favorite conditions to play in. Especially the cross breezes. There just something about working the ball in the breeze that says game on to me. Gauging how far to aim away from the hole so the wind can push it in is a skill I just love to employ.

    I had just one swing with the new short 3 hybrid today. I had pushed right with my driver off the tee into the breeze on a straight par 5 and landed in light rough about 220 yards away. The play was a 3 wood for me really, especially with todays winds, but I gave the hybrid a try and couldn’t have asked for better. I didn’t make the green of course, but I was dead center on the fairway about 10-12 yards just below the hole leaving an easy up and down for a bird which I managed to execute well. The club works.

    The 3 wood could have given me an eagle op though. But then it’s the toughest club for me so my mishit percentage is much higher. I’m starting to think the best option for me might be getting a custom fit 2 hybrid when I get my driver to replace the 3 wood and then I can swap out the 3 iron vs 3 hybrid based on the course and hazards I generally encounter. The iron is a little longer off the tee thanks to the longer shaft and it has it’s own flexibilities that I’ve been known to exploit like slicing little punch shots to get around trouble, but the hybrid is much better out of the rough and frankly just super easy to hit. With my clubs it’s more like an 8 iron length.

    I think that combo in the bag might just make me a little more prepared to tackle the longer approach shots at least as my game stands now. Then I think about what I want to work on with my next lesson and wonder if it’s smarter just to focus on the 3 wood with the pro. Just that thought makes me wonder if the 2 hybrid idea is just trying to buy my way out rather than master my game. An idea I’m not sure really how I stand on. It’s the new year. I need to choose a path. My minds going a mile a minute. My backs aches. But above all else, I’m a grateful golfer. Going through these little trials, the self doubt, and of course the triumphs on the way is what we golf lovers live for. What a way to start a new year!


    • Kevin,

      Sounds like you are well on your way to a great year. The versatility of having club options is always a good thing For me, my 3 wood is a staple club and I generally hit it very well; so, it stays in my bag. I generally do not change my clubs, I have the 14 and use them no matter what course I play. I have never really considered changing out clubs. Something to think about I guess.

      Cheers Jim


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