My First Round Of Golf Without My Dad

While participating in #Golfchat (Every Tuesday night at 8:30 pm EST) this week, a question was asked about when I played my first round of golf. That life changing event was with my Dad back in the mid 70s. Since then I fanned the flame to travel my golf path with exuberance. As I thought about my early days on the links, my first rounds of golf without my Dad is won I remember as clear as day. And that round will be the focus of my article today.

First, here is the question from #Golfchat that sparked my trip down memory lane:

My first round of golf with and without my Dad occurred in 1974. I was 13 and wanted to give golf a try. Of course my dad took me out a couple of times, before I ventured out on my own, to teach me the valuable lessons of etiquette on the golf course. Those lessons are still engrained in me today and I follow them without hesitation. Thanks for the great life lessons, Dad!

My first round of golf without my Dad happened at the Cold Lake Golf Course. Expanded to 18 holes after I started playing, this course remains entrenched in my memories of where I started my solo adventure in golf. On that faithful day, my Dad dropped me and my friend Kenny off at the golf course at 8 am. He said I had to make own way home because he was going fishing later that morning. Without hesitation, Kenny and I agreed and bound out of the car to the proshop.

At that time, juniors paid a small fee (sorry I do not remember exactly what it was) for unlimited golf for the day. Well, let me tell you Kenny and I took advantage of that deal. As Kenny and I looped the course 5 times (for a total of 45 holes that day) we were paired with many other players. We were not that good, but we did not hold anyone up either. I think this was the start of my annoyance at slow play, but that is another story. Kenny and I would come around after each nine, smile and say in unison, “lets go again!”.

We hit some great shots and lots of poor ones, but we played each hole like it was our first. We tried different things and received tons of advice. Overall, it was a fantastic day. As Kenny and I made the 3.5 mile trek home after playing, we talked about our experience and promised to play again very soon. Well, that was the last time I played golf with Kenny. He decided he did not want to commit the time or money to play anymore at that time, but for me, I was hooked.

My parents bought me a junior membership the next year and since I did not work, I played golf almost every day. Three years later, I bought my first set with my own money. And the rest is history! I found a life long passion that is now, 45 years later, part of my everyday life. How blessed am I!

Starting golf early was a great idea. I had no illusions that I was going to be professional or anything, but that day on the links with my friend Kenny helped cement my love for golf. I think fondly of that day and I am grateful my Dad supported and encouraged my passion to play golf.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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