Ten Must Have Items For Beginner Golfers

You have decided to start golfing and really do not know where to start. To some beginners this is a daunting challenge because they have no experience with which to draw knowledge of where to start. I stumbled across a video that might help you save money, time and frustration that is worth a look. For many experienced players, the list seems to be a no brainer. However, after reviewing the list I found two items I will add to my bag this year.

Trying to figure out what to put in your golf bag to address all situations is a difficult task. I think this challenge is especially difficult for beginners. Coach Shayain, a LPGA certified golf teaching professional from Vancouver, put together a great video to ease the anxiety for golfers new to the sport. Here is what she had to say:

After watching the video, can you guess the two items that I am going to add to my bag. I will give you hint, you can find them in your home. Enough of the suspense, I am going to add lip balsam and band aids. For some reason I do not carry these items and I definitely should; so thanks Coach Shayain for the reminder.

As an experienced golfer, I could add many things to this list that I think a beginner needs. However, that would just complicate the situation for beginners trying to just get started. I can say, that there is one item I think that all beginners need to add to their bag that will not cause them any angst.

I recommend adding an 11th item: a ball mark repair tool. Yes, a tee can work, however most beginners do not know how to properly use a tee to fix their ball mark, so a proper tool is important. Fixing ball marks on the green is a pet peeve of mine and I think all beginners should carry the proper tool.

Regardless of my views, I think Coach Shayain did a great job hitting the basics for all beginner golfers. The ten items might seem obvious to experience players like myself, but as you can see from the items I am going to add to my bag, it is always a good thing to be reminded of the basics.

If you want to watch more of Coach Shayain’s videos for beginner and advanced golfers, you can visit her website: https://coachshayain.com/

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Ten Must Have Items For Beginner Golfers

  1. I liked the video. A great positive lead into golf. I would advocate for another item – a solid, reusable water bottle. Hydration is a challenge for me, and sometimes I don’t even know I’m getting dehydrated. I have a 1L Nalgene bottle with a narrow neck. The cap is attached and doesn’t get lost. If you drink water throughout your round (along with other libations) you’ll feel better, have better concentration, and feel stronger right to the end of that 20-hole club match-play round. See ya out there.

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  2. Jim, good list and good point about the ball mark tool. I’d add a couple. Maybe not for the beginner, but I’d include rain gloves. Once you learn to use them, it removes the requirement of keeping your clubs dry which is a huge time saver. Second, disposable hand warmers. Crack one open for each pocket and they provide warmth the entire round. Works in the mid-Atlantic but not sure about Canada – LOL! I’ve seen your pics with the ski parka etc.



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  3. Well, a few Band-Aid’s might be a good idea though I can’t think of a time when I ever needed any. Saying that though means I better be sure and add them tonight before I forget. lol

    Well, putting was back to normal today since I wasn’t playing those greens. I even made the first putt of the day from about 8 feet to start off with a birdie. And tomorrow is the big day for driver shopping. I may have to schedule the fitting, but I’ll be hitting as many as they’ll allow tomorrow at the very least.

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