COVID Golf – All About The Trick Shots

I am not sure about you, but I find that I have a bit more time on my hands than usual. Partly it is because of COVID, but also because it is still minus 20° Celsius outside. My garage is still cold enough to see my breath and prolong exposure just forces me into poor swing habits. So, I thought I might want to spend some time learning a few trick shots to impress my playing partners this upcoming season.

I looked around and found a short video on golf trick shots. Some of them are amazing and would require a great deal of time and effort to perfect. Here take a look:

After taking the time to try bouncing a ball on a wedge for the count of 20, I decided that trick shots would not be the best use of my time. So, I got out of my chair, closed my laptop, and proceeded to practice my putting. I figure if I can take hours to learn how to hit a ball into a cup or wildly out of the air, I can take the time to improve my putting.

In a short while, I will show you my putting set up and explain what I am doing to keep my putting sharp and some of the tips on how I learned to putt well in preparation for when the courses open.

Oh yeah, one last point, I still like looking a trick shot videos from time to time. Here are a few more from Rickie Fowler from the 17th hole at PC Sawgrass Course.

I am a grateful golfer!


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