What Do You Carry In Your Pockets While Golfing?

I do not know about you, but have to empty my pockets except for a few ‘tools’ need to shoot my best scores ever. I found over the years that having bulging pockets is a distraction while making any swing. It is especially distracting while putting because my hands are close to my body. So, to eliminate this challenge I only carry what I need to play golf.

If you are wondering, I only carry one divot repair tool, two ball markers (large and small), 3 tees, and a compact club cleaning tool. This is all I need to play golf. Anything extra is just a waste of weight to carry. Additionally, I carry the tees and ball markers in my left pocket; the divot repair tool and compact club cleaner in my right pocket. I realize this sounds a bit crazy I am very particular on what is carried in each pocket because it prevents any distraction by fumbling around for these important tools.

I know there are many players who carry change, their wallet, keys, and other personal items. Most of the time they are fumbling around with all this stuff looking for something. It is actually quite distracting for me and them as we wait. I realize this sounds a bit like whining, but it is one of my pet peeves waiting for players to find the important tools they need to play golf.

I bet you are wondering where I am leading with the above diatribe. Well, it is quite simple. As a golfer we need to be cognizant of what his happening around us when we are playing. Sometimes the little avoidable things we can control make a huge difference to our playing partners. I guess the word I am looking for is etiquette. This word encompasses such a broad topic that it is difficult to pinpoint all the potential issues that could arise.

Basically, I follow the view that if is likely to bother me, it will likely bother my playing partners. Hence, I avoid doing those things as much a possible. Of course there things I do not realize I am doing that might bother my playing partners, but until I know it bothers someone, I cannot make the necessary change. I try to stay mindful of my playing partners and hopefully I am not annoying them with my play; except of course hitting it straight all the time. 😉

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


12 thoughts on “What Do You Carry In Your Pockets While Golfing?

  1. I carry a ball marker ( sometimes) often I clip it to my cap, two or three tees in my right pocket and a divot repair tool in my left and that is that. Nothing more and I have extra tees attached to my golf bag. I either have my scorecard in my back right pocket or on my scorecard holder on my card. Mostly in my back pocket, it us my comfort place for my scorecard. That is it, nothing more in my pockets

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  2. When golfing, my divot tool, two ball marks and a tee are in my right pocket. Each of my golf bags are organized in the same way so that I don’t have to fumble around in replacing anything. Being organized is important whether I am playing hickory, classic or modern clubs.

    I play in a lot of different conditions. Being organized to face the elements makes it easy and timely to adapt to the changing conditions.

    Time to get ready for today’s game. Starting temperature around 3 degrees C, high of around 8. Winds 20 kph, gusts to 40, a great spring day. Everything is organized and ready to go, no fumbling to find anything.

    I love this game.

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    • Lorne,

      I do the same thing when organizing my golf bags. Consistence in location is important. The days I accidently move things does cause me soe challenges. Bit, I guess that is all part of the game as well. Have a good round and play well.

      Cheers Jim


  3. Jim, I am eerily similar to you. I’ve got a divot repair tool, a few tees, and 35 cents (quarter and a dime) as ball marks. Tom Weiskopf would not be happy with me. These are all in my front right pocket. I’ve got a scorecard and pencil in my back right and a comb in my back left (to clean up before that 19th hole libation.)

    My pet peeve is the occasional novice playing partner who doesn’t think to bring a ball mark and uses a tee or whatever he can find. My second coin often comes in handy.



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  4. My wallet’s in the left back pocket, my phones in the right (ahem….usually playing music). My left pocket is empty and my right pocket has a quarter for marking my ball and a small tee. A large tee is under the brim of my hat and a divot tool is hanging from a belt loop on my right. Anything and pretty much everything else I might need at the course is in the bag.

    Well the course I chose for the round with the young guys was a big hit. They walked off happy even though the course and today’s conditions kind of beat them up pretty hard. I think all three of them had at least one 9 on their cards today. Thankfully I managed to avoid that. But it was tough out there. Winds were up again in the 20’s, and this course has tons of up and down that we just don’t get to experience very often. Having played it many times over the years I was of course better prepared and that made the win pretty easy today even though my A game swing only showed itself intermittently.

    On the way home I told one of the guys who had ridden up there with me that he’ld gotten a lesson in course management today. Clubbing up and hitting a smaller length swing is the rule of the day in the breeze. He’ld lost quite a few greens today coming up short because his ball ballooned. Not one of my approach shots today did that because I never once took a full swing when hitting into the breeze. I was chose an 8 iron for instance for my first approach even though it was downhill and only 135 yards. I birdied the hole and they best the three of them managed was a double. All three had their ball balloon and get pushed farther right than they expected. All three missed the green and all three got left with bad lies while my ball stopped two feet away.

    That was the only one I got that close today, but it is representative of how the day went. I continued to club up, swing shorter and hit greens, and they didn’t. Where I failed was my wedges when I did miss a green. I couldn’t get them dialed in for the life of me and left myself a few too many long putts for par to feel really satisfied with the round. But, like the other guys, I really enjoyed this round. I always do when I play there.

    One last thing, I mentioned music earlier. I know that’s taboo for many. But for some of us who suffer from tinitus, it’s more than just a little helpful. It’s hard to explain to anyone who hasn’t experienced it, but the quieter it is around me, the louder my ears ring in my head. Between that and the accompanying metronomic beat, music is helpful to my game, not to mention my very sanity. I don’t blare it, but it’s always with me.

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    • Kevin,

      Sounds like you had a great game. Personally, prefer not to hear music, but your reason is legit. My friend has tinnitus and has said the same thing. Clubbing up in the wind is not unusual for sure. I employ this tact often as I try to keep the ball low.

      Cheers Jim


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