Hello Justin Rose A Possible 2021 Masters Champion

Firing a seven under par 65 on the opening day at Augusta National sure sets Justin Rose as the possible favourite for don this year’s Green Jacket. He started off poorly, with two bogeys in the seven holes, then fired a improbable nine under for the last 11. Talk about a dramatic turn around that might lead to Butler’s Cabin. He sure blew my picks out of the water, but wait it is still early and there is plenty of golf still left to play.

It was refreshing to see Rose at the top of the leaderboard yesterday. Being the reigning Olympic Champion, it was great to see this former number one regain some of his former glory. How did he do it you might ask……well, it was by being in play off the tee, hitting awesome approach shots, and putting brilliantly. I wonder why I never thought of this recipe for success in the past. 😉 Rose had command of his entire game, starting on the eight hole, down the stretch of his first round. The question on everyone’s mind is whether he can sustain this brilliant play or allow the field to catch him.

Can the field really catch him? If Rose continues to shoot under par (and not that much under par) there is a very good chance he could ride this four stroke lead to the winner’s circle. It would take a momentous two rounds for anyone to catch him as long as Rose does not shoot over par in the next three days. Given how difficult Augusta National is playing, I would not venture to guess who could put those two needed rounds together. Oh wait, yes I can!

How about virtually every player in the field! It is only the first day and before anyone starts being measured for the Green Jacket they better play well today and Saturday. So many things can happen over the next few days that nothing is for certain. I will, however, reiterate that putting will be the key to success today and tomorrow. The player that figures out how to lower their scores on the greens will be in great stead to Sunday.

I still think that Dustin Johnson has a very good chance to win, but he will need to start his move today. Waiting would just be folly. Regardless of how Johnson does today, all the fans are in for some great golf!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Hello Justin Rose A Possible 2021 Masters Champion

  1. Jim, I was actually getting a little squeamish watching these guys try to navigate the greens. When Lowery hit that nice little chip just past the flag and it kept rolling into the water! Shows just how great Rose was playing. The course should soften with the coming moisture so get ready for a birdie-fest!


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  2. It’s still anybody’s game, but Mr. Rose certainly showed the field how to do it today. I’ll miss watching tomorrow’s round, but our tee time tomorrow means I’ll have to catch the highlights later on. I put in an hour with the sand and lob wedges tonight and did some putting practice as well so I’m as prepared as can be to take on the big hitting youngsters again. And I can thankfully not expect another putting disaster as I remember the greens on the course we are playing aren’t the monsters we played Wednesday. The gentler slopes and a little less speed should help keep the blow ups away. I can hope at least. 😉

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