Predicting The 2021 Masters Champion

The most exciting Major of the year is upon us! Okay, I know it is the first Major of the year and thus will be the most exciting. Having said that, today the best golfers in the world (excluding Tiger Woods) will vie for the coveted Green Jacket. As always, it is challenging to pick the Masters Champion. Fortunately you have come to the right place because I have the definitive answer!

Alright, I have to come clean. My predictions would be considered guesses at best; I am basing my predications on cut feel only and should not be take for anything more than just that. However, if I happen pick the winner, I will be claiming expert knowledge and understanding of the golf world. So, here goes nothing:

Finishing Second: Rory McIlroy. I know he is not playing his best right now, but at any time he has the game to win. If Rory regains his form off the tee, he will be tough to beat. He has the complete package and if is in play for most of his approach shots, then the magic of winning can happen. I want to reemphasize that he has to be in play off the tee.

Dark Horse: Lee Westwood. Lee is playing very well as of late and is position for his first Major. I have to admit this is purely a pick from the heart. Westwood has to hit his approach shots closer than he has to have a chance on Augusta National’s greens. He is definitely a long shot, but how knows Westwood might rise to the occasion.

Masters Champion: Dustin Johnson. I know this seems like an easy choice, but the challenge to repeat as champion is difficult at best. I think that if Johnson can tap into his winning form from last fall, he will wearing his second green jacket. Dustin can hit the long ball with accurcay, has dramatically improved his wedge play, and has the calm demeanour to handle the pressure of The Masters. If he starts strong, he will playing in the last group on Sunday.

Regardless of who you pick to win this weekends Major, there is one thing that all the players must do well. They must putt better than everyone else. Putting will determine the winner at Augusta this year. He who has the hot flat stick wins the green jacket!

Who do you think will win The 2021 Masters?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Predicting The 2021 Masters Champion

  1. Wow. None of your predictions even made the cut lol!

    If you’re not listening to Chasing Scratch podcast…you should be!


  2. I agree, the Masters champ with be the one who is best at what I was worst at today. Putting. I now have a new record. I 5 putted a hole today. And I 4 putted, and I 3 putted. All on the first nine after spending 20 minutes on the practice greens getting used to the faster than normal pace I know they have.

    On the plus side, my woods and irons were probably the best I’ve swung in years. My driver did everything I asked. Cut corners, bend left, bend right. Clear trees or brush close by them. Everything. And my irons, if they had any flaw it was flying them a little too far a couple times. And I sliced instead of faded a 5 iron once and missed a par 3’s green, but I hit the other 17 in reg.

    It was a strange kind of day for me. I was 14 over on the front thanks solely to terrible putting, and 2 over on the back with one one-putt birdie on the 155 yard par 3 17th with easy tap in 2nd putts for the other 8 holes.

    Now if I were new to playing that course, I’d kind of understand. Those greens are tiered with wicked banks on many of them and the crew had to have been feeling kind of sadistic with their pin placements today. But I’ve played there before. I’ve seen those pin placements. Many times, since I used to have a client who lived in the community and it’s been part of a summer deal I used to buy every year because it also included Bardmoor where the PGA used to hold tournaments. So I had zero excuse. But I burned every edge and got the speed wrong for nine holes and gave myself the worst round this year (I pray) and there just isn’t an excuse for it.

    So I can’t excuse how badly I putted. But I’m not letting it get me down. I played too well otherwise for that. What I see from today’s round isn’t the 16 over score. It’s the 17 GIR’s. It’s the fact that I didn’t allow the horrible putting performance to effect the rest of my game. I stayed confident even with the malfunctioning putter. That’s the win I’m taking from today’s performance. And the Master’s winner will have a similar mindset.

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    • Kevin

      Talk about the tale of two nines. It can be frustrating to putt so poorly after hitting awesome shots to get to the green. Imagine if you were able to combine great putting with you other play… would teeing it up in The Masters today. 😉 Lets hope the next time out you have your full game firing on all cylinders!

      Cheers Jim


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