Hitting A Tee Shot Like Happy Gilmore

I am almost certain that most golfers have tried the Happy Gilmore tee shot. I know I have and hit the ball a country mile; into the woods….haha. Of course this is an inconsistent shot because it is almost impossible to repeat and sustain. I have a hard enough time hitting a consistent shot when I am stable on the ground let alone hopping my way to the ball from eight feet back. Regardless, many still try, even the professionals.

I was taken by this video because of the fun that the European professionals were having in the pouring rain. They were cheering each other on….sort of, and that is great to watch. Sometimes it is worth putting aside their competitive spirit just to have fun on the course.

If you watched Jimmy Walker at the end of the video, he took a slower more methodical approach to the Gilmore style of hitting. This makes me wonder that taking this approach to my own swing might be more effective. What do you think?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Hitting A Tee Shot Like Happy Gilmore

  1. You can slow down the backswing all you want without losing any significant amount of distance. I’m a big fan. Anytime I have trouble with my normal tempo which is already on the slow side, that’s where I fall back and regroup. And another nice thing that comes with it is better feel for what’s going on at the top of your swing.

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