Overreaching On The Golf Course

When you first read the heading for today’s article I am sure most of you immediately think about swing mechanics. Then you drill down and think of poster and ball position. However, I was thinking about some rounds I played last year and realize that I overreached with my course management during shots, holes and rounds. Looking back I realized that during those times I created the situation for failure; all because I overreached and selected the poor shot.

Golf is a game of calculations. If played properly, any player can weigh the pros and cons of every shot, then compare the percentage shot to their abilities. If all of this goes well, we make the right shot at the right time. Unfortunately, I run into situations where I think should make the low percentage shot because I either playing well or needing to gain my poor play back in one shot.

Overreaching is not an uncommon practice on the golf course. It generally happens when players think that their skill will match the low percentage or impossible shot, which it rarely does. They overreach looking for the promise land of low scores and end up in the desolate quagmire of regret.

Ben Hogan

I have watched may players, myself from time to time, play golf without weighing the consequences of their shots. They focus on only what is in front of them, regardless of their ability to make it. They continually overreach each shot and wonder why they cannot gain any momentum to play well. Basically, they do not think about their next shot and play with carless abandon.

I guess the next question would be: how do we prevent from overreaching on the golf course? This is a great question and I have the solution. Understand our abilities and hone our course management skills. Sounds pretty simple, but in reality it take has taken me years to develop both these skills. Now that I have, I seldom overreach because I effectively weigh the pros and cons of each shot. Then, I believe the make the right shot that fits my skills and how I am playing that day. It might not seem like this is the solution, but it works for me.

Do you overreach on the golf course?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Overreaching On The Golf Course

  1. Jim, everyone overreaches from time to time. I have found that to prevent, ask yourself one question after hitting a poor shot. “How do I avoid making double bogey?” Sometimes it pays to ask the same question when facing an unusually tough tee shot. I used a couple times in last Sunday’s round and it worked quite well.



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    • Brian,

      That is a great question. I continue work at lowering my scores and avoiding foolish errors that costs more than I want to accept. I actually try to think one and two shots ahead each time….however, my ego sometimes wins and I overreach. It is all part of the fun…..right?

      Cheers Jim

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  2. It rained yesterday and today, but the rest of the week it will be sunny and in the 70’s again so I’ve planned to golf every day. But I got my last covid shot today so I’m praying that plan isn’t an overreach. 😂

    The younger guys I’m playing weekly now still have to learn that lesson or I’m going to keep beating them. I’ve had the hero shot syndrome in the past but I’m a bit smarter today and don’t let it get the better of me often now. And that’s the main reason why I’ve stayed ahead of them on the scorecards.

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    • Kevin,

      Sounds like you have the young players in a corner right now! Hopefully, they do learn, but you still stay ahead of them on the scorecard. Great to hear that you received your vaccine. Stay safe!

      Cheers Jim


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