Rumblings And Rumours About Golf

Being the only province/state in North America that does not allow golf, players frustration is at an all time high. The efforts of many in the industry to convince the powers to be have fallen on deaf ears. As I try to remain grateful about not looping the links during absolutely gorgeous weather, a positive sign of the things to come are slipping through the cracks. The Ontario Government has indicated that green spaces may be open sooner than later and that this lockdown is likely to be the last. All of these rumblings and rumours are a positive sign for any golfer.

My intention is not so whine about our current predicament or to shout at the top of my lungs of the perceived injustice. Unfortunately, during the pandemic tough decisions had to be made. Whether they were right or wrong will be debated for years. The approach taken by Ontario was an all or nothing approach and golf was one of the industries that will suffer because of it.

But alas, it is time to move on. At most, we are two weeks away for hitting the links. Our health minister indicated that this date might be moved up sooner for outdoor recreation. Of course there will be some restrictions because we are not out of the woods yet, but we have proven last year that golf can be played safely with limited chances of contacting COVID. I expect to hear something more concrete today as Thursday is usually announcement day for our political leaders.

As a retired military veteran of 36 years, understand how the rumour mill works. To all fellow veterans, you are nodding your head right now completely grasping the where I am going. To start the rumour mill, you quietly say a statement or two in a couple of areas. Then, let human nature take over and watch as more information is added or removed to suit the situation. Next thing we know, there are rumours abound and everyone heard their version from a credible source. When actually, there was only one source the circular motion of rumour spreading went to work.

My source is from a newspaper article where: “Health Minister Christine Elliott says that her government will reopen recreational amenities β€œon or before June 2” when the current stay-at-home order is set to expire.” You will notice in my article that I have focused on one word in her statement “before”. I have started to perpetuate the rumour that golf courses will open soon. Of course I do not know for sure, but trends suggest that when they start to release bits and pieces of information, an announcement is close behind. Lets hope that today is that day.

That is my rumblings for the day. I, like every golfer in Ontario, are anxiously waiting for the golf courses to open, will not forget all the blessings in my life. I am grateful for everything in my life. On a side note, the no golf and warm weather has empowered me to get a head start on my lawn and to enjoy other solitary physical activities. Like this:


I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links….very soon! πŸ˜‰


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