Chipping With My 7-Iron With Success

Lately, I have tried to improve my chipping around the green by using my 7-iron more. I have used my 7-iron a great deal over the past with good success, but I found that my success was streaky. I had a tendency go miss my line left and I could not figure out why. My alignment was good and my hand position was correct, yet my I missed left most of the time. It was troubling and now I think I have solved my problem.

I have talked about chipping with my 7-iron and felt I was successful. This is until I found that my chipping stroke was failing more often than not. This is the nature of golf and I needed to make a change. Basically, I found that my hands were too low and this caused the heel of my 7 iron to hit first, thus closing the face slightly. As a result, I missed left. My fix was very easy and it is something that I heard or saw over the past few months. I do not have the reference of where I found my fix, but I am so glad I found it.

So, my fix was to step a bit closer to the ball, lift my hands an inch or so, grip my club with my putter grip and hit the ball off the front of the club head. I found that this minor change allowed me to swing freely through the ball and make solid contact. Fortunately, my change has paid off dividends immediately.

During yesterday’s round I used my 7 iron four times. I almost chipped in twice (leaving the ball inches from the hole), ran the ball past by on foot, and hit the pin dead on. For full disclosure, the ball that hit the pin would have finished about 20 feet from the pin if I missed, but my aim was spot on so I was lucky that my ball stopped about a foot from the pin. During all of these instances, I one putted to save par. This I am confident that my new technique of putting with my 7 iron is here to stay.

I realize that my euphony is probably something I should have figured out a long time ago. Unfortunately I did not, but I have now so it is time to look forward. If you are struggling with your 7 or 8 iron, maybe my fix will help your game as well.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Chipping With My 7-Iron With Success

  1. Several years ago, I read about the 5-7-9 chipping concept. Using my putting grip and a 5 for a back pin, 7 for a middle pin or a 9 for the front pin, has saved hundreds of strokes for me. I believe Raymond Floyd provided the tip, so I give him credit, when asked!

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    • That is a great tip. I have used this before with success. As I continue to evolve my game, variations of this tip are incorporated into my skill development. Thanks for sharing the reference, it is important.

      Cheers Jim


  2. Toe down chipping. Something anyone who plays on Bermuda grass should learn. It’s a life saver chipping into the grain and when you want to keep the ball from checking up on you.

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