Senior Men’s Ryder Cup – Leg Three

Monday past, I played in the third leg of the Senior Men’s Ryder Cup. Representing Osprey Links at our home course, our team felt confident that we could move up in the standings by winning our matches. We played a Shamble format and for the most part it was quite a bit of fun. We just needed to play our game, on our home course and the points should come tumbling in. Well, it was a good plan anyway!

For those who do not know what the Shamble Format is, let me explain. Each player tees off and we pick the best drive of the two. Then we play our own ball to the finish of the hole. We add up the two scores to get an aggregate number. Compare it to our opponents score and the team with lowest score wins the hole. Two points were given to the team with the most points on the front, back and total score. Each team could win a maximum of six points.

My partner Wes and I felt very good about our round. We both were hitting the ball well for most of the holes and after eight we were all tied. Each team won three holes and we tied two. Our opponents, Mike and Bob, joked that we should split the two points and move on. Unfortunately, I opened my big trap and laugh saying “no way”. Well, Wes hit his ball into the water on the left and squibbed my ball about 30 yards off the tee. We we were both shocked at our misfortune and decided to play Wes’s ball because we could reach the green on our third shot. Without going through all the crappy shots I made on the hole, we lost the ninth hole and the two points.

Not to be downtrodden, Wes and I started hot on the back winning the first two holes. Then suddenly, the wheels fell out and we lost three of the next for holes. Being down one going into the 16th hole, Wes and I were fortunate that Mike had a poor hole and we walk to the par 3, 17th all tied. Again Wes and I both hit terrible shots and lost the 17th hole is spectacular fashion. What annoyed me the most about this hole is that we were lying 20 yards short of the green on the short grass after our tee shot. Wes hit a great shot to within three feet and I hit a completely terrible chip leaving myself 25 feet to the pin. I missed my putt causing us to lose the hole. Being down on with one to go, the best we could do is half the back nine for one point.

Osprey Links 18th hole approach shot

After a decent drive, we had 110 yards to an elevated green over the rocks. Wes and I hit our approach shots to within 20 feet (Wes was much closer) and our opponents missed the green. All we had to do is two putt and watch to see if our opponents failed to get up and down. As it turned out that is what happened giving the hole to Wes and I. So we tied on the back nine giving us one point for the back. Our opponents won two points for the front, one point for the back, and two points for the overall score. Needless to say, Wes and I were a bit disappointed.

Overall our team did very well, but we did not hold up our end of the bargain. The challenged we faced was both playing poorly on the same six holes. As a result, we lost all six. And that was the difference in the match. We commented all round the the playing was closer than the 5 points to 1 would indicated. Regardless of the score, we had another fantastic round meeting two new golfing friends (Mike and Bob) and that is a large part of playing in the Senior Men’s Ryder Cup.

One final note, I want to give a huge shout out to Jeff Rogerson and his staff. As always, they made our and every player’s golfing experience a pleasurable one. The steak sandwich for lunch was exceptional, but a bit of a challenge to eat. Or at least my shorts think I should have paid more attention. All the players on the team appreciate Jeff’s support and feel honoured representing Osprey Links.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Senior Men’s Ryder Cup – Leg Three

    • Brian, not really. We always keep the same order and it was my job to keep the ball in play. Unfortunately, that failed. It really is a best ball with an opportunity to get off the tee in play. It is a fun format where every shot counts. Closest to a pure best ball or stroke play event you can get.

      Cheers JIm

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