Last Leg Of The Senior Men’s Ryder Cup

Yesterday I played in the last leg of the regional Senior Men’s Ryder Cup competition. We did not have a chance to win, but had a chance to finish second. All four of our parings need to win their matches and preferable sweep all 24 points. This was a tall order and we were not successful. However, the golfing friends we made was excellent and I am already looking forward to next year.

A little visitor!

Our last round was played at Cedar Green Golf Course in Sudbury. We played from the shorter tees, but do not let the 5800 yard set up confuse you that this round was easy. It was a shooters course with sticky challenging greens. The format was best ball match play. Our team shot 2 over and our opponents shot 5 under! They were on fire and made some fantastic shots.

The first three holes were a push. Each team would punch and counter punch with little success. Walking away with all pars, it was easy to see that this match was going to be a slug match right down to the wire. Or at least that is what Wes and I thought.

Or playing partners were from Timber Wolf Golf Course and they were in the hunt for second place as well. Cory and Pat were great guys who knew how to play a solid game and have a fun. Cory was a sneaky long player that turned up the heat starting on the third hole with a birdie. Then on the next hole, he nearly holed out from the fairway. He landed on the foamy insert, hit the pin and stayed 8 inches from the cup. We conceded the putt.

Pat is one hand putting and Cory in the background.

Pat was not to left out of the fun because on the back nine he decided to heat up as well. Between the two of them, Wes and I could not seem to get a foot hold to build any momentum.

I have to mention a few shots, one each by Pat and Cory. Pat is a one handed putter. At first I thought that his technique would not hold up under the pressure of the match. Boy was I wrong. he was on fire during the back nine and sunk a 35 footer for birdie (one of their six of the day). Pat consistently hit stingers around the course and did not seem to miss many shots during the last 12 holes. It was great to watch.

Cory was not to be out done. The first nine holes he was firing darts. I mentioned he was sneaky long with all his clubs. Cory made the shot of the day on the back nine. From 133 yards, he hit the ball short and then we watched it roll out in to the hole for an eagle. Just when Wes and I are thinking we might get something going, Cory stepped up and elevated his team to two up with 5 play on the back nine. After losing the front, we needed to do something to try and win some points.

As Wes and I started to warm up a little, we were still two down with four to go. Well, on the 15th hole, I shot my second birdie of the day. After a great drive, good chip and a 10 foot putt, Wes and I were only one down with three to go. After shooting pars on the 16th hole, we still had a chance.

Then it was Wes’ turn to make three great shots. He made a clutch putt and suddenly we were tied and we had a chance to win the back nine. It all came down to the 18th hole. With Cory and I playing our way out of the hole. It came down to Wes and Pat. Wes was lying two putting for and Pat was just off the green much closer to the hole. Wes went first and had to putt through the collar. He lipped out and was left with 2.5 feet for a come back putt. Pat made a great chip and we conceded his 10 inch putt for par. Now Wes was left with a knee knocker to half the back nine. He stepped up and hit his ball right in the heart!

Overall it was a great outing of golf. The golf itself was fun, but the company was outstanding. Pat and Cory were great opponents who made us laugh for the entire round. Being old friends, they chirped and chirped at each other. It was very amusing to watch and after a bit Wes and I joined in the banter. After many stories and great golf shots,

The Senior Men’s Ryder Cup comes to a close for this year. Wes and I had a great time playing as a team, but we both agree that although the golf was great, meeting everyone, like Pat and Cory, was the real prize.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Last Leg Of The Senior Men’s Ryder Cup

  1. Cory,

    Good morning everyone, I am new to this site but after playing golf with Jim and Wes yesterday I had to check it out. We had so much fun, firstly because finally we got a beautiful day to golf but also the nicest playing companions you will ever find! I must say that the boys ran into a buzzsaw yesterday and they nor us new it was coming. I personally had been struggling with my game as we all do time to time but for some reason something clicked which is giving me hope going forward. My Ryder Cup partner Pat is quite the character and story teller so we were quite entertained all day. I’d just like to say thank you to Jim and Wes for a great day!

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  2. 5 under on a 2 man best ball is going to be hard to beat and your teams 2 over is respectable. It takes a bit of luck for any team to bring the clutch shots on cue.

    I looked at the course on google earth and checked the scorecard online. I can’t tell for sure what hole is what though. One hole in particular I noted seemed fun to play. It looks like a relatively short dogleg right par 4 with the green tucked back behind trees and a lake behind that or to it’s left depending on if you reached the corner. I didn’t try measuring it to see if a driver would reach the corner or if you needed one for sure. It just looks like one of those holes that make you think and feel rewarded when you get it right.

    Anyway, glad to hear you enjoyed the day. That’s what golf’s about.

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    • Kevin,

      There were several holes that were tucked in around a pond or trees. After playing the course, I would change my club selection on some holes, but not much. Driver is my straightest club, so I used it without fear. It was a great day for sure.

      Cheers Jim


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