Hitting Mid Irons Like Professionals

Often overlooked, mid irons (5, 6, and 7 irons) are often overlooked by amateurs as they like to hit the hybrids and woods as much as possible. At Osprey Links, I hit my mid irons on at least half the holes. This happens on most par 4s (of which there are 9) and as such, half of my approach shots occur with these clubs. If 10% of my shots are happening with a group of clubs, then I would suggest that I need to ensure I know how to use them in order to keep my golf scores as low as I possibly can. Establishing this need, I have to wonder if there is anything special I need to do to ensure I hit my mid irons like professionals.

Of all my clubs, these were my most inconsistent. Sometimes I was striping them like a professional and other days I could throw my club farther than I could hit the ball. If you are having challenges, I think I have found a video by Rick Shiels that will help. I did not have the video, but two of his techniques sure help my mid iron striking ability. Here, take a look:

The two critical points from the video above that worked for my game having the center of my chest over the ball on address. This position helps me ensure that my ball is in the proper position before hitting. I can really feel if my ball is too far forward or behind the middle of my stance because my balance is off. This specific set up technique helped me reduce the number of fat shots I made with my mid irons; hence, more consistent contact with better results.

The second tip is keeping my head still. This was the largest success factor in my mid iron play. Keeping my head still helped with my balance during my back swing and weight distribution during my downswing to contact. This one factor has elevate my mid iron play more than any other techniques I have tried and adopted. I am continually amazed at how important keeping my head still is during all my shots, but more so with my mid irons.

Since improving my iron play, I no long avoid these clubs. I feel comfortable and confident when I select any of my mid irons because I know I am going to make solid contact more often than not. I still miss the green or come up short, but my misses are far less dramatic than before. This change has help lower my handicap and moving forward, I can only see things improving from 150 to 175 yards.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Hitting Mid Irons Like Professionals

  1. Jim, for every full swing,chip, and putt, head still is a critical success factor. Definitely helps maintain your spine angle which is necessary for good contact with all clubs. Glad to hear you are striking it well with the mid irons.



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    • Thanks Brian, there are so many parts of the golf swing that are critical to successful ball striking that I am not sure I can even make a full list! However, there are a few higher level movements that should never be overlooked and keeping our head still is definitely one.

      Cheers Jim

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  2. I like the line drill for this. It’s the one drill that made me find the right positions. I may not be able to hit a 5 iron on our little range out back but I can certainly swing it. And while I’m not drawing an actual line anymore, I can still see the results well enough.

    Today was a better day. Nothing really special good or bad. Just smooth sailing around the course for a 1 under round. 3 bogies on the first nine while my putter warmed up (it’s such a slow started lately), but I found 4 birdies to more than make up for them.

    I don’t think I mentioned that I skipped the driver fitting and bought one online with a 30 day try option. Last years Srixon Z785 with the Project X Hzrdous shaft. Hopefully I can get a range session in before Friday and dial it in because I’ll be needing it for the course we’re playing. It was on my doorstep when I got home from playing today so I haven’t swung it yet though I’m tempted to do that now even though it’s 1 AM.

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    • Kevin, you did not mention that you skipped the driver fitting. You mentioned you could not go because of weather, so you went ahead and purchased a new driver. I will be interested to hear about your successes.

      Cheers Jim


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