Playing Golf With Friends!

Is there anything better than playing golf with friends; especially friends that we do not see often. Two days ago, I had the opportunity to reconnect with Andre and Serge. I met Andre through Serge a few years back and since then we have stayed connected through our golfing passion. Serge is a great friend from work and travels to North Bay from time to time, but this is the first time since COVID started that we had a chance to play. To round off out group, Blair joined us and he was a perfect fit to round out our foursome. Once we hit the first tee, Andre suggested that we play a game; the gauntlet was thrown; and Blair and I happily agreed!

Serge, Andre, Blair and me sporting our cool 36aday golf apparel.

It is funny that all of us had our golf apparel from Mike Johnny from 36aday. If you are looking for some cool lids, take a look at what Mike has to offer.

Back to the golf game. Andre offered to play a two team best ball match play game; Andre and Serge against Blair and I. We all readily agreed and decided to play straight up. We figured that Blair and I had a home course advantage, so things should be even over the course of the round. Blair and I started hot, going up two holes right away. That quickly evaporated after Serge and Andre won three of the next four holes. Blair and I were not fussed because there was still plenty of golf left and no one was playing lights out.

On the fourth hole it started to drizzle. Looking around, I mentioned that weather should blow through and according to the weather app the rain should not lost. Well, 14 holes later, it was still raining and we were soaked clean through. Of course I (and everyone but Serge) was not prepared for the rain, but we managed to play the entire round with smiles and some lively ribbing.

As the rain continued, I was impressed at how great the condition of the golf course. Over the past week, Osprey Links Golf Course received a months worth of rain. But, the course played very well and the maintenance team should be proud of their efforts. It is really paying off.

As the round progressed, the last 12 holes were very much a push except for two holes where each team one. All players contributed and it seemed that when one player was off, their partner picked up the slack. The only thing that was consistent was the laughs, jokes and of course the ribbing. We friends hit the links like we did, nothing was taken seriously…..of course until we were standing on the 18th tee all tied.

With the rain continuing, we teed off with some very wet equipment. Andre and I were on opposite sides of the rough with Blair and Serge in the fairway. After everyone was on the green, Serge had having to putt over the camels back (huge hump) in the middle of the green for birdie; Andre had a 25 footer for par; Blair had a 25 footer for birdie and I had a 12 footer for birdie. Not surprisingly, Serge was long on his putt (by far the most difficult of the day); Blair had 3 feet left for par and Andre drained his putt for par! Andre’s putt increased the the pressure on my 12 footer and forced me to make a decision. Lag for a tie or go for the win.

Well, I went for the win and fortunately I hit the heart of the cup and my ball dropped; Blair and Jim for the win! There were only two birdies of the day, one my Andre early in the round and me on the last hole. For the conditions, we all played fairly well; we all made some fantastic shots and some we shall never talk about. 😉 It was a great day on the links and I was happy we had a chance to meet up and play.

The real winner of the day was the group. It was fantastic being able to meet up with friends and play a round of golf. We laugh, joke and ribbed our way around a wet golf course. The weather did not dampen our spirits because playing golf with distant friends is really a treat. It allows us to catch up on the happenings in our lives and enjoy each others company for a few hours before everyone heads back to their lives.

Thanks to Serge and Andre for making the time to play golf with Blair and I. It was great fun and I am already looking forward to the next time we can tee it up.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Playing Golf With Friends!

  1. Jim, it’s great that you got to play with old friends. Sounds like a blast.

    Well just when they sounded the all clear, looks like the virus is rearing it’s ugly head again. Haven’t noticed any changes in my area (Washington DC) and all courses have dispensed with their Covid protocols, but that could be changing soon. Hope it doesn’t cut the season short.



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  2. Sounds like a fun round. I got wet today too but not from the rain. Our courses sprinkler system started up while I was getting ready to make my par putt on 17. I stayed in the game and paid it no attention, which wasn’t the best move that time as it got to me just as I was taking my backstroke. I not only missed my par, but got my entire backside drenched head to toe. 😂

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