Playing In The Senior Scramble At Osprey Links

Today Rick and I play in the Senior Scramble at Osprey Links. With both of us being over 55, we qualify to the event. Actually, this is our second year in a row where we get to pit or skills against the rest of the pack. Last year we were in the prizes, so we are hoping that this year we will be able to repeat our previous success. As always, there is a strategy to playing in these types of events and this year we are going to try something new.

Rick and Jim In the Senior Scramble at Osprey Links 2020.

Rick and I have different games. His is a newly developing game where he is hitting the ball more consistently and with greater distance. He has worked hard this season and his efforts are starting to pay off. His primary strengths are from 75 yards and closer. If his putter gets hot (which is a better than not possibility), then a low score around 9 or 10 under is very possible. Of course we have to wait and see, but lets plan for it to happen.

My game is to get us to the greens in as few strokes as possible. Of course, Rick does contribute, but my strengths is to get us there. This is nothing new and we relied on our strengths last year to propel us into the winners circle.

During a scramble, we use the best shot…..wait. I want to reframe this focus because we do not always use the best shot. What we use is the best position for the next shot. Sometimes that means hitting a longer shot into the green or having a longer putt because the break is favourable to sinking the ball in the hole. A scramble format really challenges our course management strategies and drives our shot making to set ourselves up for what comes next. Of course, trying to be on the green in regulation is always the goal.

Right about now your are saying, “So far everything sounds about normal.” If we stopped there you would be right. However, this year I am thinking I need to try and take slightly (emphasis on slightly) more risk when making my shot. I am confident Rick well be in play most of the time, so I should try and let the shaft out and hit the ball much farther than I would normally try. This riskier strategy does not mean swinging out of my shoes, but cut the corners a bit tighter on tee shots or fairway shots. The intent is have a more advantageous ‘next’ shot.

The downside to this approach is it puts more pressure on my game to be focused and consistent. I accept this challenge and think I am playing well enough to step up to set up our team for success. Additionally, this approach will place more pressure on Rick’s game to stay in play (like he has been doing) like he has of late. Overall, I think this strategy will give us a slight advantage in order to move leaderboard and perhaps win a prize again this year.

Lastly, regardless of what happens today, it is going to be a great day. There is a chance of rain, but I will be prepared for this possibility. If the weather does play a factor, I think our course management approach will be more beneficial as other teams will be dialing back their efforts. We shall see!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Playing In The Senior Scramble At Osprey Links

  1. Good luck out there. Seniors are notoriously good putters. Especially on their home courses. The one I played this evening dropped about twice as many from outside 20 feet than he missed and inside 10 feet he missed nothing at all. If it weren’t for 3 very good swings that brought me two eagles (from inside 6 feet) and one long putt for birdie, I’d have lost. As it was, I only got him by two and that was thanks to the long par 3 on 17 more than anything. I made the green to two putt in for par. He topped his into the water which ended up giving me the dub.

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