Getting Ready For Golf Season

Do you think it is too early to start preparing for golf season? Well, it might be a bit early to pull out all my clubs and give them a cleaning; yet, I do have the bug to start doing something. I have decided on where to start and really was not that difficult. With an extreme cold spell coming until early next week, I have a bit of time to prepare. For three years I have started the same way and it now time to take up the tradition.

After much prompting from my friend Brian Penn from All About Golf, I have decided to set up my DIY indoor driving net. This first step to playing golf in 2020 will be an exciting event. But first, I have to clean up my hitting area and find a way to warm the place up. So that means more fires in the wood stove and more time in my man cave.

As per years past, I have to pay attention to how I start hitting balls. First and foremost, I must take the first steps of my process slowly. I am recovering from an injury and now is not the time to aggravate last years challenges. Also, it will be cooler in my garage and there is a higher possibility of hurting myself…….so, taking it slow is the way to start.

I have about six days to prepare everything. I was thinking of expanding my hitting mat because it will allow for better adjustments with my stance. This will be my only adjustment to my DIY area because my efforts from years to set things up the way I need seem to be working. My one challenge this year is to find a hitting mat instead of the rug I am using now. I am on the prowl for a new hitting mat and will find something now that I am engaged.

It is time prepare for 2022. I will update you on my progress for my DIY hitting area with pictures. But for now, the decision to start the process is a great first step.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Golf Season

  1. Glad to hear your weather is expected to give you enough respite to get in some swing practice.

    I was back on the course today after a couple days off. Couldn’t quite get my head in the game though. Where it counts with the short game anyway. Thankfully it was a skins game so I don’t have to record it and I’m still ahead of the game there so I just was giving them some of their money back. lol

    I did have one hole worth mentioning. One hole were I got forced into the game. I popped one into orbit on hole 11 off the tee and no one saw where it went so I had to hit a provisional which I crushed and not only got to the green but that one went flag hunting. Found it 6 feet left of the hole and I managed to drop that putt to save par which also saved the skin.

    Drove another green thanks to a lucky bounce with the 4 wood later and got a two putt birdie but I’d already lost the hole to a chip in eagle. I’d caught my one break for the day I guess. lol

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