Hitting Great Golf Shots Off Awkward Lies

During every round of golf, I will have to hit my ball from an awkward lie. Whether my ball is above or below my feet, trying to hit it solid is always a challenge. The trick to hitting great shots from challenging positions is all in the set up. After positioning ourselves properly, making a normal swing is the key to success. Mastering this skill is definitely a stroke saver which of course leads to lower golf scores.

There is not a round that goes by when I have to play my ball from an uneven position. Most golf courses we play are far from flat and the ball being above or below our feet is the norm. Not to mention the uphill and dreaded downhill shot. I do not know about you, but some days I struggle just to make contact. The reason for my woes is that I forget to set up properly and let the club do all the work.

I found a fantastic video by Rick Shiels. It is 13 minutes long, but it covers four very important topics about how to hit the ball from an awkward lie. I use all his techniques and only wish I had learned these skills earlier in my playing days. Regardless, I know them now and they definitely save strokes.

Golf offers a plethora of challenges during every round. Regardless of what course you play, I would suggest that we hit 25% of our shots from an uneven or awkward position. If this is the case, learning the techniques for solid contact is a must to lower your golf scores. The main lessons I learned from this video are to setup properly, select the proper club for the situation and most importantly, swing my club normally. This is great advice and I recommend them all to every golfer.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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