Congratulations to Scottie Scheffler! The 2022 Masters Champion.

To no surprised, the world’s number one player has won his first Major! Scottie Scheffler played solid golf for the entire 72 holes with very few mistakes. Beating Rory McIlroy by three strokes (should have been 5), Scheffler has won four tournaments in six tries. He is burning up the PGA Tour right now and I wonder how long he can keep up his amazing play. That particular thought is a great topic for another day.

At the start of the final round, I thought that Cameron Smith was going to close the three shot lead in the first three holes. That is until Scheffler made this shot.

In my opinion, this shot was the tournament winner. As soon as he chipped in, his game reverted to his steady, focused, and consistent play. He made some amazing shots and every time he miss the green, he responded with a cool up and down. With an 86% scramble percentage for all four rounds, this is a clear indication that chipping and putting can win championships!

During the last round, the player of the day was Rory McIlroy. Shooting a 64, he kept making great shot after great shot. Shooting a bogey free round, he shot one eagle, six birdies, and eleven pars. The best shot of the day was his sand shot on the 18th green.

What made McIlroys finish a great shot was Collin Morikawa response:

The first Major of the year was not a disappointment. As always, The Masters offers some fantastic shots, disappointing miss hits, and unbelievable lucky/unlucky bounces. Scottie Scheffler was the most consistent golfer over the four days and as such won his first green jacket. It will be interesting to see what happens next, but for now, congratulations Scottie Scheffler, well done!

***On a side note, I chose Scottie Scheffler, Cameron Smith and Rory McIlroy as possible winners. All three finished in the top three. Best predictions every.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Congratulations to Scottie Scheffler! The 2022 Masters Champion.

  1. Jim, the tournament was a little short on drama unless you were wondering if Scottie would 7-putt the 18th to get into a playoff with Rory. Speaking if McIlroy, it was great to see him having fun again. Been a pretty tough stretch for him.



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