Calling Your Golf Shot

Golf is a game of intent. Regardless if you just pick up the sticks or have more rounds completed than you can count, golf is a sport where each shot should be made with the intention of either sinking or positioning the ball. It is not a difficult concept in theory, but the execution of each shot is definitely more difficult than we think. Personally, I try to visualize each shot from the moment of contact until my ball comes to rest. It is a process that I feel is important go great golf. It is one process that is easily learnt.

I have talked about the movie “Seven Days In Utopia” before. It is a fun movie to watch, but does offer some great times to improving your golf game. One of the lessons I gleaned from the movie was “see it, feel it, trust it.” Basically, it means visualize the shot you want to make, feel the shot with confidence, and trust that you are going to make the shot. The inspiration to this simple golf process comes from Dr. David Cook, a famous sports psychologist,

I am a strong believer in this visualization process. It helps me stay focused on difficult shots and during the routine rounds where nothing special is happening. I have discussed the topic of visualization before so the topic is not new. However, with the start of my 2022 golf season around the corner, it is a good reminder to execute the processes that worked for me in the past and try not to invent anything new at this time.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Calling Your Golf Shot

  1. intent and visualization are key to success. If your intent is to hit the ball off the ground “out there somewhere” you will have set a low standard. If you pick a very specific target and ball flight your chances of playing at a higher level are much higher.
    “Aim small, miss small”

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