When Is It Ever Going To Stop!

Good Morning grateful golfers! I hope you having a terrific Tuesday. Being 27 April, I did not think I would wake up to this:

I understand that Mother Nature has a sense of humour, but come on! Golf season cannot start with the white stuff still falling!

Regardless, I am going to improve my 3 foot space today. As well, I am going to embrace the joys of what this terrific Tuesday has to bring. I wish you all well and if nothing else, have a grateful day!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “When Is It Ever Going To Stop!

  1. I was stationed in Maine while in the service for a while and my in-laws family comes from there. Way up on the Canadian border. They never appreciated when I described the seasons up there as “winter and the Fourth of July”. 😂 Or when I added that you couldn’t leave the house on the 4th without risk of being eaten alive by the black flies. Tiny little things that came on you in swarms.

    I’m heading to the range tomorrow. Time to try some new things I’ve been working on. A combination of things I of course picked up on youtube. One on getting more hip turn, one that advised a change to my take away that encourages more fluidity, and one that dealt with getting more separation. Doing all three feels good at home in slow motion but it’s too many things to try taking to the course where windows could get broke or people hit. I want to build up speed with this many things going on. But the combination seems to allow my left arm to stay straighter, longer, my turn is certainly increased, I seem to get full lag and get the club laid off on autopilot, and fall right into an inside to out path with a closed face and hands forward. Of course it’s slow speed in the house so who knows what I’ll get on the range but it has me excited.

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    • Kevin,

      It sounds like you know the spring temperatures and bug challenges well. I am hoping the weather takes a quick turn for the better. You plan for some range work sounds interesting. Let us know how it goes.

      Cheers Jim


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