Being Grateful For Golf and Life

My motivation to play golf this year is as high as normal. I think about all the fun times I could be having on the course when I get a minute to think. This year, I have a few more life things going on that is preventing me from maximizing my time on my new course. This current trend is nothing new for all golfers as we try to juggle our regular lives with the time commitment to play golf. With all that is going on, I wonder if I should close a few golf doors in order to reduce the pull of activity from other sources.

I am blessed. I am grateful for all the wonderful experiences that enters my life on a daily basis. As I navigate my to do list, want to do list, and play golf list, I sometimes lose perspective. I find myself scrambling from task to task trying to accomplish everything. This is when I wonder if it is time to adjust my playing expectations to ensure that everything is finished. Much of the pressure is self imposed because my wife is awesome with her understanding that golf is a mental (and a little be physical) release from my life happenings.


One area of my life I do want to expand is spending time with my best friend (my darling wife). We are on a special journey and I enjoy the time we spend experiencing what life is offering. It does not have to major events; daily things like kayaking, working in our yard, playing cards or sitting enjoying coffee together are as special to me as the big events. The small things are truly the blessings I look forward too and I am grateful I have someone to share in this journey.

Moving forward, I am going to juggle all things in my life with positive intent. I really have zero to complain about and hopefully this post does not come across as whining. I am trying to spread light in an area that every golf faces. In my case, I have the extra time to manage life events and I am grateful for that to be sure. Golf is very important to my well being. It does, however, have to take a backseat from time to time so I can enjoy the other wonderful aspects of my life.

Through positive thinking, positive intent, and staying grateful, I am able to enjoy all of my life’s treasures. It is a journey and one that I am loving every step of the way. I wish you all an awesome day and hope that your are creating the day that you want!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Being Grateful For Golf and Life

  1. Jim, good call. No harm in scaling back if other priorities were getting neglected. We know how addicting and all consuming this game can get. The pressure to play, improve, compete, rinse and repeat, is always there. I think moving to a closer course with less of a time commitment was a great move on your part. Enjoy the new balance!


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