The Sun Is Finally Out and My Golf Season Is Here!

I generally do not fuss about the spring weather because it changes at a moments notice. Recently, we have experienced a great deal of rain and cool weather for this time of year. I know that the warmer weather is coming and that my golf season will be in full swing (pardon the pun) very shortly. For this I am definitely grateful. With the mix of wet weather and life responsibilities, my 2022 golf season is starting out slower than I expected. It is all good, however, and my mood is growing in positivity with the appearance of the sun.

I was fortunate to hit the links yesterday. I played as a single and hit two balls as I looped the nine hole course. Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort is starting to look very good as the grass is starting to grow in many of the challenging areas. The rain and now sun will be helpful to greatly improve the conditions of the course. As spring unfolds, I am interested to watch the phoenix rise.

How often do we get to say that we chipped in twice in on the same hole in a short period of time. I wrote about chipping in for eagle on my first hole of the year. It was quite a thrill and I was very happy to see it go in hole.

Yesterday, lighting struck twice on the same hole. I was off to the right sitting three and was hoping to get up and down for par. I grabbed my lob wedge and aimed just right of the pin. My intent was to hit the ball about one yard onto the elevated green with the thought that the ball would roll out to the hole.

Well, I hit my mark and knew that the ball was going to be close once I saw the trajectory of my ball. As I walked up to the green, I only saw one ball (my other one) on the green. I knew that my ball was in the hole. What a great way to start my round!

The rest of my round was very good. I hit many good shots, a few poor ones, and many normal shots. It was a typical round and one that gave me time to be grateful and enjoy my beautiful surroundings.

My great shot on the first hole was a signal that my golf season is officially here. The weather has turned and the course is open. I am ready to jump in with both feet. I expect that things are only going to get better. For now, I am going to continue to be grateful that I can enjoy my summer and multiple times on the links.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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