Fall Hickory Classic & Collector’s Trade Show

The 2022 Fall Hickory Classic & Collector’s Trade Show is just around the corner. Each year, the Golf Historical Society of Canada (GHSC) hosts the Fall Hickory Classic, Hickory Golf Tournament and Friendship Games. GHSC welcomes its members and all Canadian and American registered guests to participate in this combined hickory golf/collecting event. If you are wondering, it is a great group of golfers who embrace the history of golf by use vintage clubs to truly experience the game of golf.

This two-day event will take place on Saturday, October 1 and Sunday, October 2 at Whirlpool Golf Course and Sawmill Golf Course, respectively. The format of the golf includes both Individual Play (total score over 2 days) and Team Play (combined totals using Stableford scoring). Three play divisions are available—Open Medal, Ladies and Masters (70+ years). This is not really a competitive tournament per se; there is just enough competition and fun for a wide range of participants. Pre-1935 clubs with hickory or other wood shafts, both originals and approved replicas, may be used. We will have extra hickory clubs available as loaners or rentals, upon request. 

Whirlpool Golf Course, Niagara Falls, Ontario
Sawmill Golf Course, 5th hole, Fenwick, Ontario

I was introduced to playing with Hickory Shafted Vintage clubs by the GHSC, specifically Lorne Emery and Bill Vossen. I am a bit of convert to playing with hickory shafted golf clubs; so much so I am member of the GHSC. Vintage clubs provide a different feel when making contact and forces me to actually think about course management in a way that my modern clubs do not. It is always a fun day when I get a chance to play old time golf with new friends using vintage clubs.

If you are interested in the 2022 Fall Hickory Classic & Collector’s Trade Show, I recommend you register soon as the deadline is fast approaching (16 September). You can check out more about this amazing event or the GHSC by golf to the link: https://ghsc.ca/fall-hickory-classic-2022/

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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