Scoring Well In Golf Without Trying

Have you ever played around where you scored very well without really trying? I know that every time we hit the links we try to shoot our best score without having to stress about each shot. It is as if you are playing a game with little effort and everything falls in place. You easily score pars and bogeys are a rarity; it is as if you are not trying because each stroke is effortless. I enjoy those games because it makes the time walking the links more enjoyable.

Not all shots are easy, but sometimes the rounds sure are!

On Sunday past, I played an even par 9 hole round with 1 bogey, 1 birdie and 7 pars. There was nothing spectacular about this round except I tapped in for par 5 of the 7 times. Even the birdie was a tap in. I was on the green in regulation 6 times and converted the 3 misses twice. Every thing I did was good, not great. However, it was easy as can be and I played a great round like I was not even trying.

Most of my game was firing on all cylinders, but my approach shots were the highlight of the day. I hit many successful approach shot by using the proper club and hitting it to the right distance. My best shot of the day was an 8 iron from 150 yards to 12 feet. It was an effortless swing and the ball flew beautiful to the green and released only 2 feet. This is the type of iron shot I look for every time.

My round on Sunday is the one that I look for all the time. I was not on autopilot, but in the zone to play my type of golf. I love rounds like that because it reinforces my desire to play and makes me grateful I can!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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