4 thoughts on “Have a Fantastic Friday

  1. Plenty to be grateful for here including the lowest round of my year so far. I had a run Sunday night that was a dream. Went 5 under through 5 with an eagle start. Ended at 8 under. Think I lost it over having the course record thought pop into my mind. lol But I don’t care. That was a fun round of golf. Only 2 bogies (7 & 8), some pars and lots of the good stuff. And I followed that up with dominating for the first two nights in our skins games.

    Still seeing sunspots from tonight’s skins game. The tee box on that hole looks over a pond to the green. And it points due west into the setting sun so you get both the sun and it’s reflection off the water in your eyes. Finding the flag for these old eyes is tough if our timing is bad like it was tonight. And I looked up right into it as I swung. Pulled it hard but I didn’t know that. I couldn’t see a thing anymore. Sun blinded. Spots floating everywhere. lol

    Just kidding about still seeing them. It’s hours since we played that hole and my eyes are just fine. But boy is the sun bright. 😂🤣 Lost tonight’s game to a hot putter but played well for the most part. Looking forward to the away game tomorrow. A tough course we tried to hit before the hurricane but ran into standing water everywhere. We figure it’s dried up enough by now to give it another try.

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      • The home course is quite the easy course to be fair. Still, I’m happy about it for sure. Shot an 80 today away which wasn’t horrible but I left a few on the course. 3 doubles today. Only two birdies. But an 80 on a course with a slope of 127 isn’t all that bad. The course we played today is tight and requires so much precision. The high handicappers hovered around 100 because it bit them often.

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